Orbit Coffee Lands in the U.S.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., June 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —¬†Orbit Coffee is a unique option in the energy industry. The science and research-backed energy booster is built around a nutritionally sound combination of ingredients. These help to deliver fast-acting, long-lasting energy for the body and the mind. The product has already found resounding success in Europe and has recently crossed the pond to the U.S. where it is already making inroads in a saturated energy-boosting industry.

Orbit Coffee is an innovative energy-boosting product that was developed by Cleverit Corp, an offshoot of the prominent Italian sports nutrition brand EthicSport. The Orbit Coffee label was born out of a desire to create an energy beverage that used healthy, nutritionally sound ingredients. These needed to be crafted in order to genuinely deliver a rapid boost of energy that lasted a long time and didn’t end with a crash.

The formula leans on both fast and slow carbohydrates which work together to deliver a punchy vigor that doesn’t fade. The brand also includes Maca root as an energy compound known for its ability to enhance cognitive and physical abilities.

This energetic core of Orbit Coffee’s formula is wrapped up in a delicious coffee flavor that boasts an additional hint of classic Italian chocolate. Both the flavor and the powerful blend of energy-boosting ingredients have been an instant hit with consumers in Cleverit Corp’s home market. This initial success has spurred the brand to recently make a push into the North American market, as well. This began in late 2020 and has picked up speed as the post-pandemic markets have continued to recover.

The effort to penetrate the U.S. market is no small feat, as the gargantuan U.S. energy drink industry is already replete with a large variety of energy-based drinks, shots, and mixes. Nevertheless, Cleverit Corp has boldly made a bid for a portion of the nearly $4 billion sector. While it’s still new on the scene, Orbit Coffee’s unique combination of nutritional value, efficacy, and convenience has already positioned it for long-term success in the American markets.

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