Oakland Bar, Co-Owned by Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day, to Reopen

OAKLAND, Calif., June 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Golden Bull has re-opened for business! After a year and several months of being closed to indoor service, your favorite bar and music venue, co-owned by Billie Joe Armstrong and other, long time local musicians, will be fully opened to the public.

Four partners purchased The Golden Bull in June of 2019. Musicians Jason Beebout (Samiam), who has decades in the bar industry, Bill Schneider (Pinhead Gunpowder, Dead Sound), Mark W Lynn (Dear County, Dead Sound), Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day), had owned the bar for only 10 months before the COVID-19 pandemic shut down all the local bars, restaurants, and music venues. Over the summer and into the fall, The Bull was allowed to open for sidewalk service only, which helped them survive. As venues patiently wait for funds promised through local and federal agencies, the pandemic is loosening its grip on the economy. Now, almost exactly two years after original purchase, these four owners are ready to get back into action. They have many events planned for the opening weeks and weekends. No one is sure when live music will be back at full capacity, but rest assured, The Golden Bull will be ready. In the meantime, stop by the bar, enjoy the comfort of new seating, and have some drinks.

The roaring 20s are back! Let’s act like it (minus the prohibition)!

The Golden Bull
Mark W Lynn



SOURCE The Golden Bull

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