Oak & Eden Announces Product Series in Collaboration with Five Iconic Musicians

DALLAS, Oct. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Oak & Eden has announced the release of the latest chapter of their celebrity product collaboration series, the Anthro Series. Crafted in collaboration with America’s foremost ramblers, the Anthro Series is a collaborative product line of one-of-a-kind whiskeys created uniquely by various celebrities. These whiskeys are then sold exclusively online, direct-to-consumer, through Oak & Eden’s website.

In their inaugural release, Oak & Eden released two collaborative bottles. One was with Forrie J Smith, best known for his role as Lloyd on Paramount Network’s hit TV show, Yellowstone. The other was with professional big mountain skier and entrepreneur, Kina Pickett.

Oak & Eden, best known for their patented In-Bottle Finishing technique, introduces a spiral-cut piece of wood, called a Spire, into every bottle of their fully aged whiskey, changing the profile of the whiskey at bottle level using only wood. In the Anthro Series, Oak & Eden invites each celebrity to add their own twist on the creation by selecting the base whiskey type, the wood species of their signature oak Spire, and a potential infusion in which they can infuse the wood with another alcohol or libation, such as wine, coffee, rum, beer, etc. Oak & Eden is back at it with the unveiling of the Troubadour chapter of the Anthro Series, which is built around five iconic singer-songwriter musicians. The collaboration lineup includes the following artists:

John Paul White (The Civil Wars): Barrel proof four grain bourbon finished with a charred American Oak spire
Jamestown Revival: Barrel proof rye whiskey finished with a toasted French Oak spire
Filmore: 90 proof Four grain bourbon finished with a toasted American Oak spire and infused with coffee and honey
Penny & Sparrow: Barrel proof bourbon finished with a toasted American Oak spire
Abraham Alexander: 90 proof Bourbon finished with a toasted American Oak spire and infused with vanilla

"This campaign is our way of planting the seed of an idea," stated Brad Neathery, Cofounder & CMO of Oak & Eden. "Our vision has always been to liberate the spirits industry and implore a new way of thinking about alcohol for an emerging generation. We aim to celebrate creators and give creation back to the people. This vision takes on many different forms and we still have a long way to go, but we are so proud to have partnered with these five artists to celebrate them and craft each of them a whiskey that their fans can enjoy for generations."

The Anthro Series is available for sale exclusively online through Oak & Eden’s website at oakandeden.com/anthro. Go spin a record, pour a glass, and enjoy the sound of good creation.

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Brad Neathery


SOURCE Oak & Eden