New Wahls Diet App Puts Health at the Fingertips of MS patients

The release of a revolutionary new health app is making it easier than ever for multiple sclerosis patients to reclaim their lives through the food they eat.

LINCOLN, Neb., Sept. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The software development company, Foogal, has just launched the Wahls Diet App, a program that removes the guesswork of searching for recipes to help patients feel their best. The smartphone technology gives users a carefully-designed roadmap to meet daily and weekly nutrition goals with delicious, anti-inflammatory food as medicine recipes recommended by leading medical expert in MS, Dr. Terry Wahls.

“This is a terrific tool for people with multiple sclerosis or any autoimmune condition who want to use better nutrition as part of their wellness plan, as part of the overall treatment of their disease,” said Dr. Terry Wahls. “The Wahls™ Diet App can help you plan your family’s meals to make sure your food choices are supporting your healing journey.”

Dr. Wahls is living proof that a curated, nutrient-rich diet can reduce even some of the most debilitating MS symptoms when combined with a healthy lifestyle. The Professor of Medicine at the University of Iowa is best known for her miraculous recovery from Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis.

Faced with a terrifying prognosis and rapidly losing her ability to move, Dr. Wahls experimented with ancestral health principles and began a specific paleo-inspired diet. Her experiment was a success. In a year, she reversed the progression of her disease, escaping a tilt-recline wheelchair and eventually building the strength to be able to bike to work daily.

Now Dr. Wahls is working with Foogal to take the guesswork out of easing symptoms into remission for other MS patients. Using principles backed by Dr. Wahls’ science, chefs have developed hundreds of recipes that ensure users meet necessary nutrition targets. The meals are free of refined carbohydrates, sugars and inflammatory foods. The app easily incorporates sulfur-rich leafy greens, fermented foods, plenty of protein and colorful vegetables into delicious and satisfying meal plans. A calendar feature allows patients to plan what they’ll eat in advance, giving them more time to focus on feeling better.

“The combination of Dr. Wahls’ pioneering work in the food-as-medicine field and Foogal’s software development expertise is powerful,” said Todd Knobel, founder of Foogal. “Together, working as one team, we developed a tool that will help Dr. Wahls’ patients and followers embrace health and live their best lives.”

The Wahls Diet App is now available on Google Play and the App Store.

About Foogal: Foogal develops digital health apps that allow users to find suitable meals for their health conditions, such as diabetes. Recipes go beyond the ordinary, crafted by some of America’s finest chefs.

About Dr. Terry Wahls: A pioneer in testing and understanding the effect of therapeutic diet and lifestyle to treat multiple sclerosis-related symptoms, Dr. Wahls is the author of “The Wahls Protocol: How I Beat Progressive MS Using Paleo Principles and Functional Medicine.


Todd Knobel

SOURCE Foogal, Inc.