New Platform, Potluck™, Emerges to Make Hosting and Planning Simple and More Connected Than Ever Before

NASHVILLE, Tenn., Oct. 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Potluck, the all-in-one resource to easily organize parties and outings, today announced their online launch. The web-based platform allows guests to securely chat with one another during planning—say goodbye to endless text threads of who is bringing what! Differentiating itself from players in the space, Potluck does not require party planners or guests alike to download an app, provides unlimited number of guests without incremental cost and utilizes a unique photo sharing experience to capture post-event memories. The one-of-a-kind event planning tool is offering subscriptions beginning today, starting at $4.99 per month.

Potluck allows hosts the ability to assign responsibilities, determine who’s bringing what, and the option to chat with guests directly in the event page. Users can also easily collect and share guest photos and stories. A privacy-focused alternative to social media, securely storing and organizing your memories and shared experiences in a private calendar of "Moments" accessible only to you and your connections.

"We are thrilled to launch Potluck in a time when so many are desperate to come back together with their loved ones (safely)," said Justin Gray, co-founder of Potluck. "The platform is specifically designed to make shared experiences easier to organize, so we hope we can make this holiday season that much more memorable for our users. On top of making the planning process dead simple, we’re especially excited to offer hosts and their guests a private and secure way to share photos and stories after their events are over so each of them has a wonderful way to walk down memory lane!"

Gray co-founded Potluck along with business partner Michael Strobel, as the idea was inspired by real life necessity. Along with his wife, Gray hosts a monthly "Cookbook Club" with friends, where each couple makes a different recipe from one cookbook. Gray searched for a better way to organize his events and took matters into his own hands when one did not exist.

The online event planner is perfect for anyone hosting or planning an event where they need others to contribute, including parties, sporting events and more. Every element of the platform is designed to serve one truth: that relationships are not built on connecting individuals and simplifying communication, but by bringing connected individuals together and simplifying shared experiences.

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About Potluck
Potluck was created to provide an all-in-one, easy to use platform to organize any form of event or outing where guests might ask, "What should I bring?" Along with that, our Founders strongly believe in creating a platform whose first and only focus is its users, not advertisers. We wanted a more fun and secure way to share photos and experiences with our loved ones, and we’re excited to bring the same to you! To keep your events, guest lists, connections, photos, and memories private and secure, Potluck does not sell your data, nor do we offer any advertisers access to you or your events. For more information, visit

Samantha Bunes

SOURCE Potluck

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