Natharvest Introduces Sweet and Sour Stingless Bee Honey to North American Consumers

HILLSBOROUGH, N.J., June 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Natharvest Global is pleased to announce the launch of Sweet and Sour Stingless Bee Honey, now available to consumers in North America.

Stingless bee honey, renowned for its unique flavor profile, boasts a low sugar content and is enriched with phenolic acid, a potent antioxidant known for its health benefits. This multi-floral honey has low environmental contaminants, making it a perfect natural supplement for health-conscious individuals.

A recent study by researchers at Queensland University in Australia uncovered the presence of trehalulose, a rare and healthy sugar with a low glycemic and insulinemic index. The low-glycemic index allows the sugar to absorb gradually into the bloodstream, preventing blood sugar levels from spiking.

Dan Sharif, CEO of Natharvest Global, expressed enthusiasm for introducing the Sweet and Sour Stingless Bee Honey to North American consumers. “We are excited to share our honey’s delightful flavors and wellness advantages. Our stingless bee honey, sourced from the lush tropical rainforests of Borneo Island in Malaysia, offers a distinct combination of sweetness and tanginess,” he stated.

Borneo Island is recognized for its pristine tropical rainforest, providing an ideal habitat for cultivating high-quality stingless bee honey. The island’s rich biodiversity and natural splendor contribute to the exceptional characteristics of the honey.

Natharvest’s Sweet and Sour Stingless Bee Honey, carefully sourced from trigona bees of the meliponini bee tribe, delivers a truly exquisite taste experience with its distinctive sweet and sour notes.

Unlike regular honey found worldwide, stingless bee honey originates from tropical and subtropical regions. Stingless bees, smaller in size compared to “apis mellifera,” also known as the European or Western honey, produce a smaller quantity of honey, which they store in small round wax pots rather than honeycombs. It has a darker color and more moisture content.

Natharvest Global is committed to sustainable practices by sourcing honey from farms prioritizing ethical and responsible beekeeping methods.

Our stingless bee honey is free from artificial preservatives, flavors, colors, and additives. Just pure, delicious honey that’s good for you and the environment. 

Natharvest’s stingless bee Honey is available in two sizes: 100 gm (3.5 oz) and 250 gm (8.8 oz) glass bottles, elegantly packaged in white corrugated paper boxes.

Consumers can find Natharvest’s stingless bee honey on Amazon and conveniently purchase it online through our website at

Natharvest Global welcomes inquiries from wholesalers and retailers interested in distributing this health-conscious product.

Natharvest Global, a member of the Specialty Food Association, is a food importer with a warehouse in Hillsborough, New Jersey. We curate minimally processed products with simple ingredients you can trust. Our priority is to source materials planted and harvested by small-scale farmers with sustainable practices. We assist farmers in maintaining regulatory and sustainability standards while helping increase their incomes by connecting them to the global marketplace.

Name: Dan Sharif
Position: Chief Executive Officer
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