MyTipLife Announces Gift Card Campaign for Restaurants

NEW YORK, Nov. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —┬áMyTipLife is proud to announce their gift card campaign for restaurants.

MyTipLife now allows restaurant owners to create customized gift card campaigns to increase interest and generate revenue for their companies. Gift card campaigns cost $9.99 per month to run, and no percentage of sales is collected. Restaurant owners collect profits every time a customer purchases a gift card.

To create a gift card campaign, restaurant owners can create an account with MyTipLife and register as an establishment. They can then create customized gift cards to raise funds for any business-related expenses.

When a customer comes to redeem a gift card, employees will scan the QR code on the card to redeem it. Profits and purchases can be tracked on

Restaurant owners can also create funding campaigns for $295. This purchase price includes one year of membership with MyTipLife, a strong local advertising package to attract new customers, and placement on the Founders Wall.

For more information about creating a gift card campaign, restaurant owners are encouraged to visit

MyTipLife is dedicated to supporting tipped workers and the establishments that employ them. In addition to their gift card campaigns, MyTipLife also allows tipped workers to collect tips digitally from their phones or by creating videos on the MyTipLife online community.

Contact: John Eric
Phone: 1-917-563-3853


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