My Drink Bomb® Launches Artisanal Collection of Pure Infusions with Natural Ingredients

HOUSTON, Sept. 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — MY DRINK BOMB® has announced a new range of pure infusions for alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. The latest collection of expressions is part of the brand’s commitment to creating refreshing, bold, and natural flavors. MY DRINK BOMB® exotic infusions come in different stimulating flavors, including Cane Sugar & Rock Sugar Plus, Spices, and Dried Flowers that are very low in calories and contain zero grams of carbs, sugar, and fat.

The classic collection of infusion flavors is great for people who like to experiment with their drinks and enjoy delicious flavors that take nothing out of the original taste. MY DRINK BOMB® new line of organic and handcrafted flavors is a terrific addition to minibars, especially during the warm summer sunshine and cool evenings. The new expressions provide people with distinct but refreshingly new ways to enjoy their favorite drinks without increasing calories, carbs, or sugar consumption that may increase their weight or add fat to their body.

Consumers can use this latest addition to infuse booze like gin, tequila, vodka, and non-alcoholic drinks. These pure infusions can also be infused in tea by people who enjoy iced tea or flavored teas. The natural flavors can enhance water or be added to drink bombs for a delicious cocktail experience. Each jar of MY DRINK BOMB® comes with an infuser packet and easy-to-follow instructions for consumers to create the best drinks from organic ingredients. Other items that are also available include:

  • 4 Pack Mix Infuser Packets
  • Single Packets

With a combination of carefully curated ingredients, MY DRINK BOMB® pure infusions are safe and healthy. For people who enjoy gin and vodka, infusing their booze with these flavors can remarkably improve the taste and lift their spirits. For example, Cane Sugar & Rock Sugar Plus can be a great companion for those who enjoy drinking alone under starry skies. The booze infusions are simple to make and also a great DIY activity during holidays and adult picnics.

Every infuser packet already comes with instructions to follow so consumers can make their drinks and also get to personalize to their tastes and preferences. All they need to do is find their base drink – alcohol or non-alcoholic and follow the guidelines. Some ice could be the icing on the perfect drink.

As vodka is notable for its flavorless taste, it could be the ideal base alcohol for MY DRINK BOMB® pure infusions. It is a highly mixable neutral spirit that plays remarkably well with almost any natural infusion ingredient. Consumers can choose any flavor that works for them, add it to the otherwise flavorless vodka and bring it to life on their tongues.

People who enjoy gin more also have nothing to worry about! Although gin may have a substantial flavor on its own, garnishing it with one of MY DRINK BOMB® flavors makes it even better. Gin lovers usually choose a flavor that flows perfectly with their favorite gin just to find the sweet spot that gives the ultimate experience. Fans of tequila, rum, brandy, whiskey, scotch, and bourbon are not left out. They can also find their mojo in one of the new natural flavors and experience new, energizing, and stimulating drinks.

Consumers who do not like alcoholic drinks can also enjoy because MY DRINK BOMB® pure infusions play well with non-alcoholic drinks.

Late August nights and warm summer days under the sunshine are not complete without refreshing pure infusions made from the finest and organic ingredients.


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