My Drink Bomb Announces New Summer Special: Fit Bomb

HOUSTON, July 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — With a culture of excellence, boasting of more than 40 cocktail flavors, 12 children’s varieties and constantly seeking to provide quality drink experience, My Drink Bomb introduces yet another amazing product: The Fit Bomb cocktail drink specially crafted for those conscious of health implications, diet and fitness as it comes with CBD and detox options. They’re introducing this just in time for the season of summer.

My Drink Bomb’s® Fit Bomb recipe is made of the finest ingredients that promises goodness in every sip like none other in the beverage and spirits market. Ideal to suit different dietary requirements people have, their new product line affords the opportunity to indulge their premium cocktail without worries.

Over the years, My Drink Bomb® has made the finest, quality cocktail bombs with extensive varieties like Sangria, Pina Colada, and Spicy Margarita that has helped people create magic moments with their loved ones. This time, My Drink Bomb’s new product will help them to provide maximum satisfaction to consumers while offering a healthy cocktail choice. Their recipes are inspired by expert nutritionists and fitness experts who have helped to put together the best herbs that suit every fitness goal. The Fit Bomb is made with premium taste and no known side effects.

The new product with unique and natural herbs plays well with different daily diets! My Drink Bomb’s® cocktail Fit Bomb, just like the other range of mixology bombs, is handcrafted and made from the best organic herbs and natural ingredients that maintain healthy body fibers and eliminates excess fats. This will not only improve physical fitness but will also enhance mental processes. This product is suitable for vegans, vegetarians, and any other diet.

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