Muddy Bites is Making Sweet History With an Attempt at the World’s Largest Ice Cream Cone

The Bite-Sized Brand of Chocolate-Filled Waffle Cone Snacks is Teaming Up with Sensational Lifestyle Influencer Matthew Beem to Build an 11 Foot Ice Cream Cone Masterpiece

DENVER, May 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — To commemorate its launch at over 3,000 Walmart stores nationwide, Muddy Bites, the scrumptious snacks made of the best part of the sundae cone, joins forces with social media superstar Matthew Beem to bring a larger-than-life ice cream cone to Denver, CO. The world’s largest ice cream cone attempt will be made out of 100 pounds of waffle cone, 300 pounds of chocolate, and over 1,000 pounds of vanilla ice cream.  

This epic collaboration marks the first time that Muddy Bites will be available for Walmart shoppers in-store. Muddy Bites are made with the finest milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or white chocolate and are Kosher and non-GMO. Walmart is the exclusive retailer to find the latest, delectable White Chocolate Chocolate Cone flavor. It features a crunchy, chocolate cone filled with creamy white chocolate that reminds shoppers of their favorite nostalgic flavor combo, cookies ‘n cream. 

Similar to the way that Muddy Bites seeks to bring small moments of joy to the world, Matthew Beem has gone viral on YouTube for bringing his followers creative wondrous structures, amassing over 3.3 million subscribers to date. Given his specialty with dynamic projects, Matthew is the ideal partner to give sugar high a whole new meaning in this once-in-a-lifetime challenge.

The unforgettable event is taking place on May 18, 2023 from 12pm-5pm MT at the Walmart SuperCenter location at 601 Englewood Pkwy Englewood, CO. It will include photo opportunities for consumers and fans to snap selfies and videos with Matthew Beem and the world’s largest ice cream cone attempt, as well as interactive stations for attendees to sample delicious Muddy Bites cones served on top of scoops of ice cream. The sweet sculpture will be measured and verified on the day of the event by the World Record Academy.

To say we’re excited about this collaboration is an understatement,” said Jessie Ferraioli, Head of Marketing of Muddy Bites. “Connecting with Walmart shoppers is a huge accomplishment for our small but mighty snack brand, and we envisioned the perfect way to celebrate would be conquering this ginormous feat to construct the world’s largest ice cream cone.”

“The opportunity to break the record for the world’s largest ice cream cone is an unbelievably unique challenge and I’m ecstatic to be working on this sculpture with my team, Muddy Bites, and Walmart,” said lifestyle creator, Matthew Beem. “I’m so thankful for my community of followers for supporting my prior projects and coming to this legendary event to witness history in the making.”

Consumers can now find Muddy Bites in Walmart stores for $3.98. To learn more about Muddy Bites, please visit or follow the brand’s journey on TikTok and Instagram.

About Muddy Bites
Muddy Bites was founded by Jarod and Tyler, two college friends from THE ice cream capital of the world (Le Mars, Iowa). To no one’s surprise, they grew up eating hundreds, if not thousands of sundae cones throughout their childhood. There was always a sense of excitement and happiness every time they got down to the end of the sundae cone filled with chocolate, aka, the BEST part. So they got to thinking… “why doesn’t anyone sell the bottom part of a sundae-cone?” Just like that: Muddy Bites was born. Their product continues to break the internet with viral TikTok videos, partnerships with popular influencers, and viral memes. The momentum has helped the brand achieve popularity across the US with plans to create even more flavors, launch into national retailers, and continue growing its team.

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