Mingle Mocktails Partners with Peacock’s Love Island USA for Official Launch of Key Lime Margarita

PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — As the non-alcoholic beverage market continues to grow with consumers prioritizing health and wellness, Mingle expands its collection of alcohol-free mocktails with the launch of its newest flavor Key Lime Margarita.  In partnership with Peacock TV and its premiere celebration for Love Island USA on July 19, Mingle was the official beverage served at NYC’s Gansevoort Plaza for cast members, crew, and fans to enjoy.  Guests felt like true islanders amongst sandy beaches with a Mingle Mocktails bar, lounge seating and plenty of fun.  Previous castmates in attendance included Cely Vazquez, Kem Centinay, Cashay Proudfoot, Josh Goldstein and Shannon St. Clair who sipped on Mingle Mocktails while enjoying the festivities.

"Partnering with Love Island was a natural fit because we celebrate social connection and fun," adds Founder and Boozefree Badass, Laura Taylor.  "The party was buzzing with incredible energy as people soaked in the tropical vibe and mingled, it was electric!"

Love Island is currently Peacock’s most streamed original series hosted by actress Sarah Hyland (Modern Family) and UK comedian Iain Stirling.  The reality show follows islanders as they embark on a summer of dating, romance, and connection. 

While America’s love affair with margaritas runs deep and its popularity skyrocketed as tequila sales have increased 55.5%, there has been no alcohol-free option available until now. According to Gallup, approximately 40% of Americans don’t drink alcohol and Mingle’s Key Lime Margarita brings bubbly fun to any fiesta. In fact, New York’s new boozeless cocktail bar concept Absence of Proof, hosted its first NYC pop up party and Mingle Mocktails were a hit.  "People said they would come back just for the margarita," adds Elizabeth Gascoigne, Found of Absence of Proof.

Mingle is an uplifting line of alcohol-free cocktails, clean crafted with fruit juices and botanicals to ensure everyone feels part of the party.  Flavorful, fun, and low in calories, the brand’s cocktail-inspired blends and colorful packaging may be enjoyed as a ready-to-drink mocktail or mixed for a light cocktail. 

Taylor, who gave up alcohol seven years ago, immediately felt disconnected at occasions where booze was flowing. After mixing up a batch of what is now the brand’s alcohol-free Cranberry Cosmo for a girls getaway weekend, Mingle Mocktails was born.  Taylor’s mission is to celebrate those who choose to be alcohol-free for a night, week, or lifetime.

Mingle is perfect for any social gathering ranging from a backyard BBQ to a formal celebration.  Low-calorie, gluten free, and vegan, Mingle celebrates social connection, inclusion, and fun. 

Mingle Mocktails are currently available at Minglemocktails.com, Amazon and retailers such as Whole Foods, Wegmans, Central Market, ShopRite, Fresh Thyme, and Giant.

Customers can choose from 750 ml bottles (6-pack for $63.95) or 12 oz sleek cans (16-can pack for $54.95) in the flavors of Cranberry Cosmo, Blackberry Hibiscus Bellini, Cucumber Melon Mojito, Moscow Mule, Blood Orange Elderflower Mimosa, and Key Lime Margarita.  For more information, please visit www.minglemocktails.com.

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