Midwest Grow Co. Offers Full-Service Consulting Operations

PADUCAH, Ky., Feb. 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Midwest Grow Co. is excited to announce their full-service, "Seed to Cure" consulting services for harvesting & agricultural operations. Fueled by two decades of intensive scientific research and backed by an impressive track-record of success in the industry, Midwest Grow Co.’s comprehensive consulting services provide growers with everything they need to optimize their processes, improve their yields, and fuel their success.

The experienced consultants at Midwest Grow Co. are uniquely qualified to help business owners solve the unique and complex challenges of operating a stand-alone or vertically-integrated operations. Whether you are running an existing business or you are laying the groundwork for a future endeavor, the comprehensive consulting services from Midwest Grow Co. can bring time-tested techniques and tailored solutions to every aspect of your operations.

Leveraging 50 years of combined experience in cultivation, the team at Midwest Grow Co. is passionate about helping growers — from hobbyists to professional, commercial growers — achieve high levels of success in the industry. From day one, clients will benefit from the expertise of the consultants at Midwest Grow Co., whose extensive knowledge and valuable industry contacts can help turn any operation into a thriving, scalable business.

The introductory offer for the Seed to Cure consulting service is the Single Visit Package, which includes a full-service consultation for existing or future operations. This consultation service covers every aspect of a grow operation from lighting, HVAC, and irrigation, to grow-media, nutrients, environmental components, cultivation practices, harvest/post harvest product care, and more. Here is a brief overview of four of the major areas of focus for the Seed to Cure consulting service:

Water & Nutrient Auditing – Ensuring premium water and nutrient quality is the first step towards achieving high-quality products. This service addresses all inputs used to fertilize and maintain plant health and specifically identifies and quantifies total nutrient EC/PPM.TDS throughout the irrigation chain to customize optimal fertilizer rates per cultivar. This valuable consultancy helps growers establish a cost-effective input regiment while shortening harvest time and increasing dry flower weight.

Lighting – The Midwest Grow Co. consultants will take thorough readings of the HID, LED, LEC, CMH, or fluorescent lighting fixtures in each grow space and provide recommendations for maximizing yields from light sources. In addition, mounting heights and PPFD outputs will be balanced to the requirements the grower’s prized varieties achieve the most out of terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids. 

Environmental – Establishing optimal environments within your grow is the basis to a productive and profitable facility. By meeting specific thresholds of HVAC, air-flow, CO2, and humidification/dehumidification, growers can reduce abiotic stress, labor, pest- and disease-onset, and increase growth rates.

Harvest/ Post Harvest – Proper harvesting and curing is the final step in delivering high-quality products. Proper drying, curing, and trimming techniques as well as optimal light sources, shelving, racks, and storage bins will be recommended to achieve maximum product integrity and stabilize product quality.

After a comprehensive assessment of these areas, clients will receive invaluable insight, expert guidance, and tailored solutions to refine standard operating procedures, guarantee consistent product quality, and ensure minimal loss.

Learn more by visiting midwestgrowco.com.

About Midwest Grow Co.

MIdwest Grow Co. strives to provide the highest quality consulting services for growing professionals and enthusiasts, alike. The Seed to Cure consulting services provide growers with everything they need to expand their operations, optimize yields, and increase profits. Learn more at midwestgrowco.com.

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