Mezcal Verde Amarás Launches Inaugural ‘Artists Series’

OAXACA, Mexico, June 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Mezcal Verde Amarás is proud to announce the launch of their new ‘Artist Series’, a bi-annual project commissioning six artists to create works of art inspired by specific themes important to Mezcal Verde. Each work will be featured on the front of the brand’s iconic labels.

An extension of Mezcal Verde’s philosophy of creating a BETTER WORLD, the series will serve as a blank canvas for artists from all backgrounds to express themselves and share their creative vision. 

The inaugural theme of the Artist Series will explore: ‘the celebration and preservation of Mexican traditions of art and culture in pursuit of a BETTER WORLD‘. Each of the six works will be featured on the labels of Mezcal Verde’s iconic bottles, making them a must-have for collectors, mezcal lovers, and art enthusiasts alike. The AndArt agency was commissioned to create the project, which was overseen by Elliot Safra, Partner. 

Mezcal Verde’s DNA upholds the belief that creativity is the catalyst for change, and the ‘Artist Series’ is a celebration of the power of art to empower, inspire, and stir emotion.

The six creatives were selected for their unique artistic language and vision. Their artworks showcase a range of traditional to contemporary mediums — from wood etching to poetry – each reflects the vibrant and diverse culture of Mexico. For the first series, the creatives include: Luvia Lazo, Curiot Tlapazotl, Melissa Avila (M.A Studio), Sergio Sánchez Santamaría, José Olivarez, and Ananas Ananas. This new series evolved as a more structured way to continue working with artists, an effort the brand has supported since its inception ten years ago.

“Mezcal Verde Amarás is a rebel with a cause. A brave project that takes a stand for diversity, and embraces love and respect in the pursuit of a better world. Verde wants to give a voice to people of all cultures, races, and genders – undivided – embracing all human beings for who they are. Embracing diversity, Verde reaches beyond fixed labels. Our love is emblazoned on each bottle, with custom labels designed by artists from across Mexico and around the world. Not one label, but many. #NoLabel,” says Santiago Suarez, Mezcal Amaras Founder and President. This new program firmly establishes Mezcal Amarás Verde as a supporter of the arts. A full 360-degree program incorporating social media, pr, and events will promote the artists and their work, Suarez continued. 

“The artists selected are amongst the best in their crafts, and all resonate deeply and authentically with Mezcal Verde’s brand philosophy. The decision was made to try to highlight Mexico’s rich culture in as many forms as possible; we are privileged to have worked with masters in photography, graffiti, tapestry, poetry, installation, and engraving. We welcome these artists (and future ones) as part of our Mezcal Verde family.” — Elliot Safra, Partner at AndArt Agency

The limited-edition ‘Artist Series’ bottles will be available for purchase online and at select retailers worldwide in May 2023.

To find out more about Mezcal Verde and to see the label designs from the ‘Artist Series’, visit .

About Mezcal Verde Amarás 

A leading sustainable and artisanal mezcal made in Oaxaca, Mezcal Verde stands for a BETTER WORLD, one without prejudice, encouraging everyone to be truthful to themselves, and empowering all to explore whomever they want to be. With a soft smoky character, Mezcal Verde is the perfect drink to enjoy wherever, however, and with whomever.

Mezcal Verde is part of the Mezcal Amarás family, a portfolio of organic artisanal mezcal brands for every occasion. Committed to sustainability, the Amarás philosophy stems from a love for our roots, from caring consciously for the earth, for our environment, and for the people who make each drop of mezcal possible. For more information about Mezcal Amarás’ sustainable initiatives, visit

About the creatives

Luvia Lazo is a Zapotec photographer from Teotitlan del Valle, Oaxaca. She aims to capture reality from the perspective of the contemporary Zapotec woman, creating a constellation of images through time and spaces in Oaxaca, documenting the generational gaps and the transformation of identities across ages. Her photograph depicts Roberto Ramos, a man from Oaxaca, who decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and continue the family business of selling traditional Mexican nieves. Roberto has been selling nieves for over forty years, infusing the tradition with a burst of vitality and contemporary energy by introducing colored cones. @luvialazo

José Olivarez is an award-winning writer and poet. His debut book of poems, Citizen Illegal, was a finalist for the PEN / Jean Stein Award and a winner of the 2018 Chicago Review of Books Poetry Prize. For the series, he created a poem inspired by the theme. “I wrote this poem knowing I wanted to incorporate the refrain of ‘ARRIBA, ABAJO, AL CENTRO, PA’ DENTRO’. I wanted to see if I could transform this popular refrain through the alchemy of poetry. The images I chose to incorporate into the poem are images typical of Mexican culture: maize, rosary beads, agave, chanclas and images indicative of the Mexican American hustle I grew up in: hustling multiple jobs and throwing parties for the whole block. My hope is that when you arrive at the last line, it feels a little holy and fully triumphant”. @_joseolivarez

Founded by Melissa Avila, M.A Studio is a studio born out of a love for artisanal heritage. Dedicated to the preservation of traditions, the promotion of artisanal processes, Mexican trades, and collaborative projects. For the project, the studio created a handmade wool wall tapestry: “The hands with the agave and the water ripples represent the master mezcaleros who dedicate themselves to this work, which we celebrate with great respect. The lower part of the piece has to do with the ground, fertility, and its work. We also have the sun, which is not only a representative symbol of our country but also the one who allows the sowing and growth of life.” @_ m.a____

In 2008, the creative project Curiot Tlapazotl was born in the city of Morelia, Michoacán. His project explores intuitive expression through various media. He has achieved widespread recognition and has exhibited works and painted murals across the world. “One of my favorite things about Mexican culture is the crafts with their respective characteristics such as their bright colors, imagination, and what is done by hand. Taking that into account, I designed a mask that takes me back to the dance of the Tlahualiles from Sahuayo Michoacán.” @curiotli

Sergio Sánchez Santamaría is a printmaker, muralist, illustrator, and scratchboard artist. He works in the tradition of printmaking infusing the technique with a modern sensibility and contemporary take. “Employing my signature scratchboard technique in this piece, you can see an allegory of the Mexican spirit of aguardiente and mezcal; pre-Hispanic Mexico next to the agave in memory of those fields with furrows full of agaves growing and becoming strong for one day, giving life to that mystical and mysterious liquid.” @grabador1976

Ananas Ananas is an artist duo working with food as a medium. Verónica González and Elena Petrossian focus their work on creating edible installations and dining experiences that encourage their audience to interact with food in a multi-sensory and experimental way. “I Am Another Yourself,” captures the movement of hands coexisting together, sharing, splitting and participating with food, and wrapping tortillas which is a gracious and joyful act for Mexican culture. As a Mayan wisdom statement on oneness, we are pieces of each other, and cultural separateness links us because this act of hand-meets-food is a universal language.” @ananas____ananas

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