Mezcal Amarás Verde Announces Second Annual Artist Series

The limited collection features the work of six artists’ personal interpretations of “Memory and Migration” on the front labels of each mezcal bottle

MEXICO CITY, March 19, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Mezcal Amarás, the leading global mezcal brand known for its high-quality mezcals, announces its second annual artist series titled “Memory and Migration.” This limited-edition series features the work of six global multidisciplinary artists.

The 2024 Verde series features the works of artists including Alice Quaresma, Pia Riverola, Ricardo Luévanos, Victoria Villasana, Giorgio Ermes Celin, and Andrea Wang, who created unique labels based on their interpretation and exploration of the themes of migration and memory through their personal experiences. Each resulting piece adorning the Mezcal Amarás Verde labels is a celebration of belonging, reconnecting, new beginnings, and the power of art to transcend borders.

“At Mezcal Amarás we have always supported the arts, and this collection is no exception,” Santiago Suarez, Chairman & Co-Founder of Mezcal Amarás said. “We are committed to creating experiences that refresh and awaken all the senses — through taste, sight, smell, and touch. With our limited-edition Verde labels, we hope to give a voice to people of all cultures, races, and genders while celebrating their individual stories.”

The six creatives were selected for their unique artistic language and vision. Their artwork showcases a range of traditional to contemporary mediums — from painting to photography – each reflecting the vibrant and diverse cultures of the individual artists. Mezcal Amarás’s DNA upholds the belief that creativity is the catalyst for change and this annual series is a formal way to continue supporting artists, an effort the brand has supported since its inception ten years ago. AndArt Agency was commissioned to create this year’s project, overseen by Elliot Safra, a director at the firm.

“Now in our second year working with Mezcal Amarás, we are once again extremely proud of the group of artists that we have gathered for this year’s Artist Series,” said Elliot Safra, Director at AndArt Agency. “Commissions are an important factor in helping artists develop their careers, and the artists chosen took the task to heart with some incredible works. We look forward to continuing exposing artists we believe into an ever-expanding audience, on the bottles, at the distillery, and online.” 

First launched in 2016, Mezcal Amarás Verde’s Artist Series is the culmination of a year’s work with artists across the globe whose work is commissioned to be featured on Verde bottles and in Mezcal Amarás’s Oaxaca distillery.

Mezcal Amarás Verde celebrates art and mezcal’s combined ability to empower, inspire, and stir emotions in pursuit of a better world. The Mezcal Amarás Verde line is a high-quality mezcal that respects Amarás’s holistic cycle “from seed to sip,” crafted with artisanal methods using 8-year-old agave Espadín, making the line a must-have for collectors, mezcal lovers, and art enthusiasts alike.    

The limited-edition ‘Artist Series’ bottles will be available for purchase online at and select retailers worldwide starting now. To discover more about Mezcal Amarás Verde and to see the label designs from the ‘Artist Series’, visit

A leading sustainable and artisanal mezcal made in Oaxaca, Mezcal Amarás Verde stands for a BETTER WORLD, one without prejudice, encouraging everyone to be truthful to themselves, and empowering all to explore whomever they want to be. With a soft smoky character, Mezcal Verde is the perfect drink to enjoy wherever, however, and with whomever. Mezcal Amarás Verde is part of the Mezcal Amarás family, a portfolio of organic artisanal mezcal brands for every occasion. Committed to sustainability, the Amarás philosophy stems from a love for our roots, from caring consciously for the earth, for our environment, and for the people who make each drop of mezcal possible. For more information about Mezcal Amarás’ sustainable initiatives, visit

Alice Quaresma was born in Rio de Janeiro and now resides and works in New York City. Her practice combines photography and painting to explore a sense of place, cultural experience, and the malleability of memory. Instagram: @alicequaresma

Pia Riverola was born and raised in Barcelona, but currently resides between Mexico City and Los Angeles. Her inspiration comes from artisans, heritage, and nature, exploring different cultures and ways of living. Riverola’s works are primarily renderings permeated with a nostalgic, dream-like quality that weave visual stories with the realms of fashion, still life, landscapes, and architectural photography. Instagram: @piariverola

Ricardo Luévanos is fascinated by flora, fauna, and the human figure. His work focuses on colorful, vibrant renders of birds, often tying in the theme of migration. Instagram: @ricardoluevanos

Victoria Villasana was born in Mexico and moved to England in the early 2000s. Through pattern, geometry, and color, her work weaves intricate visual stories to reflect the resilience and triumph of the human spirit. Instagram: @villanaart

Giorgio Ermes Celin was born in Barranquilla, Columbia, and has lived between Naples and Barcelona. Celin is known for his dazzling figurative paintings that explore themes of migration, belonging, relationships, and nostalgia. Instagram: @giorgiocelin

Andrea Wang is a Hong Kong-born, Canada-raised visual artist. She perceives her artistic practice as a container that enables the free flow of her consciousness. Through her work, Wang channels imagery and narratives that echo her emotions and ideologies. Instagram: @andreawhywang

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