Mezcal Amarás Introduces the First-Ever “Best Paloma In The World” Competition in Search of the World’s Best Craft Cocktail

Bartenders around the globe will pour up their best mezcal Palomas for a chance to win a trip to the prestigious Mezcal Amarás’ Oaxaca distillery where they will co-create a limited-edition collection of mezcal

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Mezcal Amarás, the leading global mezcal brand known for its high-quality mezcals and foundational philosophy towards sustainability, announced their sponsorship of Scotch Creatives global “Best Paloma In The World” contest in search of the craft mezcal Paloma champion. Bartenders and beverage directors ready to take on the challenge in key cities around the world including Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Texas, Chicago, London, Madrid and Ibiza, will create their own take on the beloved mezcal Paloma this summer, using the smooth and perfectly balanced Mezcal Amarás Espadin Joven as their spirit of choice. Participants from the top bars across the world will post and tag @MezcalAmarás on Instagram to be officially added into the contest.

The top ten mezcal Palomas in each city will be taste-tested in person by local industry experts in September. The line-up of expert judges features renowned mixologists, hospitality veterans and media personalities including John Gakuru, Charles Joly, Moe Aljaff, Christine Wiseman, Hannah Sharman-Cox, Siobhan Payne and Danil Nevsky. Each mezcal Paloma will be judged on taste, appearance and resourceful use of ingredients. The overall winner in each city will be invited to Oaxaca, Mexico in November for a global showdown where they will compete for the chance to collaborate on a limited edition, one of a kind Mezcal Amarás ensemble bottling.

“Rooted in the heartland of Mexico, the history of the Paloma takes us back centuries, to a time when indigenous cultures first distilled agave-based spirits,” shared Santiago Suarez, Chairman & Co Founder of Mezcal Amarás. “With this contest, we call on all cocktail enthusiasts to unleash their ingenuity to craft unique expressions of the iconic Mexican mezcal-based cocktail that has captured hearts and palates around the world.”

For more information about Mezcal Amarás, visit and follow on Instagram @MezcalAmarás for real time updates on the contest.

About Mezcal Amarás
Mezcal Amarás is a world leading mezcal company integrated from seed-to-sip with more than ten years of experience crafting the definitive range of award-winning premium mezcals, made sustainably and through fair trade. Founded in 2010 by Santiago Suarez and Luis Niño de Rivera, Mezcal Amarás’ is the world’s first carbon neutral mezcal company, harvesting a variety of cultivated and wild agaves and planting 10 agaves for each one harvested. Handcrafted by the best Maestros Mezcaleros from three mezcal regions in Mexico: Oaxaca, Guerrero, and Durango, each bottle of Mezcal Amarás contains the rich history of traditional mezcal production.

Mezcal Amarás has a complete portfolio of super premium mezcals composed of three tiers:  Amarás – smooth and perfectly balanced mezcals that can be sipped neat or in a premium cocktail, Amarás Logia – the epitome of the brand’s portfolio with both permanent and collectible Limited Edition mezcals made with rare and scarce agaves, and through highly demanding Artisanal and Ancestral methods, and Verde Amarás – an inclusive mezcal  with a no labels essence that lets you be whoever you want to be.

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