Mexigin Spices Up the World of Spirits with New World Latin Flavors

RED BANK, N.J., April 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Meet Corinne Delaney, CEO and owner of Mexigin. Now meet Mexigin, the world’s first dark spiced gin. Together, Delaney and Mexigin are taking the world of gin to exciting new heights thanks to a new gin concept that is as versatile and tasty as it is evolutionary for the gin industry.

The impetus for the Mexigin team’s product to transform the gin industry came from years of market research. The team believed that establishments were losing money on gin. The team’s studies showed this to be accurate, and some of the leading factors are the taste and gin’s perception as a summer-only liquor.

With these factors in mind, Delaney and the Mexigin team wondered if a revolutionary new gin product could address consumer complaints and take the industry in an entirely new direction. Thus, the Mexigin project took shape, and Delaney and her team set out to create a novel product that would shatter gin expectations, even right down to its color.

After years of taste testing and refining its recipe, the Mexigin team has released the world’s first dark spiced gin. Both Mexigin’s color and flavor are a distinct departure from traditional gin products. While traditional gins are clear, Mexigin is a lush amber color reflecting the bold, spicy flavors the liquor embodies. The taste also departs from conventional gin brands, which opt for floral or pine flavors, while Mexigin offers deep, spicy notes that pay homage to New World Latin flavors.

Initial taste tests have proved Delaney and company’s hypothesis correct: consumers of all ages are drinking Mexigin up and seeing it as a tasty year-round liquor option they can enjoy no matter the occasion. “We’re flying through this new gin, it’s so fun to mix up in a variety of cocktails. Mexigin works as the base spirit in a range of classics and is fantastic as a base in creative new libations as well. Try it with watermelon juice!! It’s incredible,” states renowned mixologist Chris James of King James Cocktails.

“Mexigin is reimagining what gin is and how patrons can enjoy gin with our spicy dark blend designed to excite the palate while adding versatility to consumers’ libation options, whether that’s at home or in commercial operations,” said Delaney. “Mexigin can easily replace traditional gin, as well as bourbon, rum, tequila, and more in classic cocktails, giving those drinks a delectable and spicy kick while heightening the taste and exposing gin to new markets.”

Mexigin’s website features a number of cocktail recipes to help consumers maximize their Mexigin experience.

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About Mexigin
Mexigin is the world’s first dark spiced gin. Inspired by New World Latin flavors, Mexigin pushes the boundaries of what is possible in a gin product, adding new versatility and flavor depth to a time-tested favorite. To learn more, visit

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