Memorial Day Grill Accessories Roundup

DENVER, May 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Memorial Day is the first big grilling day of the year, and the kick-off of summer grilling season for most Americans. According to a 2020 survey published by Statista, 56% of Americans will fire up their BBQ grill on Memorial Day.

But this 2021 grill season promises to be even more popular than previous years, due to the increased popularity of outdoor cooking during the Covid pandemic. Sales of grills and smokers during the pandemic increased 39% compared to the same period the year previous year, according to a new report from The NPD Group, a U.S. retail tracking service.

Because many Memorial Day BBQ chefs will also be purchasing new grills or accessories for the holiday, grill manufacturers traditionally launch new products at this time.

BBQ Dragon is one grill company that has a reputation for creating innovative grill tools. They have just announced four brand-new products for this season that BBQ and grilling fans will wish they had:

  • The “Chainmail” Grill Brush: If you’re worried about the danger of swallowing a wire bristle from regular grill brushes, this patent-pending brush uses “chainmail” like medieval knights wore for armor to clean the grill more safely.
  • The “Double-Extreme” Grill Light: The world’s only double-headed LED grill and utility light, the two super-bright LED’s are mounted on separate goosenecks, so you can light two areas – the grill, and your prep surface, for example. Clips just about anywhere.
  • The “Domino” Skewer Rack: For making shish-kabobs, this rack holds six 14″ skewers, but you only need to turn ONE skewer, and the remaining five turn automatically – “Domino” style – making the chore of carefully turning kabobs on the grill a lot easier.
  • The Chimney of Insanity “XL” version: BBQ Dragon’s popular charcoal chimney works with their BBQ Dragon grill fan to start charcoal in just 2 minutes – and they have just released this “XL” version, which they claim is the largest charcoal chimney made.

“The huge surge in sales created by the Pandemic gave us the opportunity to launch some new products,” said BBQ Dragon’s head of product development, George Prior.

The company’s new “Chainmail Grill Brush” solves a well-known health danger of grilling: the accidental ingestion of steel bristles from grill cleaning brushes. According to Prior, the “bristle-free” brush solutions currently available use coiled wires instead of straight bristles. In the company’s testing, these brushes still wear out and allow wires to break off the coils. BBQ Dragon’s brush cleans the grill with a woven net of chain links that are both less likely to break free, and less dangerous if accidentally swallowed.

As a result of the company’s emphasis on innovation, their products often look odd: The new “Double-Extreme Grill Light” clearly shows this visual difference: With two separate LED lamps on two long stainless-steel goose necks, the light immediately looks completely different from any other light we’ve seen. The massive clip also holds 4AA batteries.

All four of the newly added products are available on their website at and online at major retailers like Target, Home Depot, and Lowes.

BBQ Dragon is a popular grill accessories brand with 50 innovative products. The creators of the BBQ Dragon Fan and the 2-minute charcoal Chimney of Insanity, their mission is to create innovative products that inspire customers to excel at BBQ and at life. They believe that good tools inspire good BBQ, and good BBQ inspires good living.

Contact: George Prior
Archipelago Group