Making Foods Talk Tools – A New Starting Industry For 21st Century Chefs & Advertisers

ARVADA, Colo., June 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Inventor Rich Errera, CEO of Gourmet Impressions, Inc. is hoping to create a new category industry called "Food Embossing Tools" for 21st century chefs and advertisers. Errera is looking to manufacture two food embossing tools called The Stamper and The Roller. In a short video, he demonstrates how to make foods "talk" (communicate messages) at

These handheld invented tools called The Stamper and The Roller are named for their functioning roles. They happen to be the only patented inventions to enable anyone, anywhere to make foods "talk" (communicate messages). Just about any message, saying, logo or picture of one’s desire can be personalized instantaneously as an embossment onto, or an impression into a vast variety of 40+ foods. Pizzas, ice creams, baked goods, deserts, fruits, vegetables, cookies, cheeses, and breads will be speaking, whispering, shouting, cooing, or even communicating in braille, depending upon one’s moods, desires and passions. This fun, short video demonstration at shows how easily, quickly, and efficiently making foods "talk" can be. They are not currently on the market for sale but a Kickstarter campaign for mass production funding is coming soon. The culinary, advertising, and consumer industries of this 21st century are considered potential drivers to associated success. Countless ground floor opportunities for fun and profit can be realized.

The Stamper and The Roller are the first of a steady line of food embossing tools that will make any meal quite special, different, and unique. Consumers, chefs, and cooks would raise the level of interest and fun eating. Advertisers could purchase food space as a billboard.  Restaurants could rent out that advertising space on select foods.  Messages, logos, sayings, or designs of choice are sure to raise the fun, excitement, business demand, and interest on an otherwise dull and boring meal. Rich Errera (aka Chef Pizzal) believes that the demand for these new food embossing tools is expected to grow exponentially and quickly with salivating hungry interest, just by word of mouth…and by word of food.

(Gourmet Impressions, Inc is a new company having a line of unique, food embossing, handheld tools underway)

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