Making Elections Delectable

NEW ORLEANS, Sept. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — People looking to show support for their favored presidential candidate now have a sweeter option.

Caluda’s King Cake in Harahan recently added presidential king cakes to their menu, just in time for the debates. They decorate their traditional cinnamon king cakes with patriotic colors and a chocolate coin printed with the name Trump or Biden. Customers decide who will be “king” (or president, really) by purchasing a cake, and the poll’s results are updated daily on the bakery’s home page.

The bakery makes all of their king cakes by hand, detailing a thirty-step process on their website. This patriotic option is hand braided with butter, vanilla, and cinnamon – the bakery’s classic and most popular flavor. And yes, the traditional baby is included.

These king cakes are a delicious option for celebration or consolation on a debate or election night. Or you can order one for your friends across the aisle as a gesture of goodwill or good fun. You can decorate the king cake yourself with the included icing and sprinkles, or have the bakers decorate it for you at no extra cost. 

Caluda’s King Cake pledges to donate $5 from every sale to Animal Rescue New Orleans, the city’s only no-kill animal shelter. “We chose this charity because red or blue, we all love animals,” says owner and chef John Caluda.

Customers don’t have to make a choice to enjoy these king cakes – an “undecided” option is available with decorations representing both Trump and Biden. But undecided customers miss out on the chance to win a $10 coupon toward a future purchase if their chosen candidate wins on election night. The coupon offering is well timed, as the bakery faces a busy holiday and king cake season shortly after this election is over.

About The Bakery

The team at Caluda’s King Cake has over 35 years in the baking business. Specializing in what’s typically considered a seasonal pastry, they produce king cakes for all seasons and ship across the United States. They also offer wholesale options and supply retailers throughout the New Orleans area.

Chef John Caluda is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America in New York. He previously worked at The Royal Orleans Hotel and Chef and owner of Coffee Cottage for twenty years. He owns and operates Cottage Catering, also located in Harahan.

Caluda’s King Cake  
1536 River Oaks Rd W
Harahan, LA 70123
(504) 343-5706

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