Maker of Crystal Geyser® Alpine Spring Water® Debuts Through the Loop Campaign Highlighting the Paramount Consumer Role in the Recycling Ecosystem and Increased rPET Plastic Packaging Content

Company officially opens second in-house recycled PET plastic plant allowing it to produce Crystal Geyser® Alpine Spring Water® bottles nationwide with a minimum of 50% rPET

NOVATO, Calif., June 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — CG Roxane LLC, the privately held, family-owned and operated maker of Crystal Geyser® Alpine Spring Water® and first U.S. beverage company to open in-house recycled PET (recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate) plants, today announced the brand’s 360° integrated campaign, Through the Loop. The campaign continues to build on the Simple… but not easy ™ stories of the Water Obsessed storyline introduced in 2020, by educating consumers on the importance of their role in the recycling ecosystem.

The Through the Loop campaign aims to educate consumers about the full circle of the recycling process so that they feel inspired to participate, ensuring their bottles make it into the recycling bin. The creative focuses on a mother-daughter pair’s education around the manufacturing process behind the making of Crystal Geyser® Alpine Spring Water® bottles, beginning with a transportive journey by way of a grocery store cooler door on through a tour of a bottling plant and its production line, including the use of recycled PET plastic, and spotlights the consumer participation allowing the company to create bottles from recycled plastic. The 2023 campaign will be supported with an integrated media strategy, tapping into broadcast news, cable networks, connected TV, streaming audio, and shoppable mobile media.

In tandem, CG Roxane announced the official opening of its second in-house recycled PET plant bottling plant in Benton, TN, marking its shift to producing Crystal Geyser® Alpine Spring Water® bottles manufactured with no less than 50% recycled PET content, further establishing its stronghold as a leading beverage manufacturer of rPET plastic packaging.

Highlighting consumer awareness related to their part in the recycling ecosystem, a May 2023 study* conducted on behalf of CG Roxane revealed it is evident that there is more education necessary when it comes to Americans understanding their role in the recycling process, given 32% are unable to correctly identify the universal recycling symbol and 47% feel unaware of the recycling initiatives and laws in their city or state. Beyond this, 66% of Americans do not know what post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic means, the category under which recycled PET plastic falls.

“Interestingly, after learning that post-consumer recycled plastic is plastic produced from post-consumer recycled resin used to create new packaging to reduce impact on landfill waste, 56% of respondents noted purchasing PCR plastic products to be important to them,” said Charles Calvat, CG Roxane Director of Corporate Social Responsibility. “Despite CG Roxane’s commitment to promoting sustainability and reducing our environmental footprint through the likes of our recycled PET program, the survey reveals we have more work to do when it comes to education, as over half of American consumers are unaware of the initiatives companies and businesses are working on when it comes to PCR plastic.”

CG Roxane is already far ahead of California’s Plastic Minimum Content Standards (AB 793) mandate requiring beverage companies to reach a minimum PCR content of 25% by 2025 and 50% by 2030. By producing Crystal Geyser® Alpine Spring Water® bottles manufactured with no less than 50% recycled PET content, it will save nearly 11 thousand metric tons of CO₂ per year, or the equivalent of removing 2,510 gasoline-powered passenger vehicles from the roads.**

“We believe that sustainability is a collective effort, with all actions small and large making a difference,” said Calvat. “We hope that our educational campaign will inspire others to join us by taking small steps every day to increase their participation in the recycling ecosystem.”

This consumer-facing educational effort is a part of CG Roxane’s broader commitments to sustainability and its communities, which include optimizing water use in manufacturing, carbon emissions, and expanding the use of SolarEdge Smart Panels to power select plants, partnerships with the likes of the California Coastal Commission and American Forests, and equipping its 8oz Californian bottles with innovations like an “EZ-Open” tethered cap that reduce plastic usage and help prevent wildlife endangerment.

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*Data from a survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of CG Roxane from May 8 to May 12, 2023, with a panel of 2,000 general population adults.
** Source:

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