Louisiana Pecan Company Adapts and Innovates Amidst Tariff Challenges, Led by an Immigrant’s Vision and a Louisiana Native’s Passion

SHREVEPORT, La., Nov. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In 1977, Keyvan Shahrdar set foot in the United States from Panama, carrying dreams and aspirations. Finding a home in Louisiana, Keyvan pursued a career as a Computer Science professor at LSU Shreveport. The state’s vibrant culture and lush pecan orchards enchanted his wife, Laura, a Louisiana native. Together, they established Louisiana Pecan Company as a side hustle. Their innovation with products like their Smoky Maple-Chili Candied Pecans ensured they thrived in a competitive market. Today, their combined vision stands as a testament to innovation, adaptability, and resilience, especially amidst the challenges of international tariffs affecting the pecan industry.

Mike Montgomery of Montgomery Farms, a significant contributor to the Chinese pecan market, remarked on the steep decline in sales following tariff hikes. “The change in trade policies significantly affected our business. We were selling millions of pounds of pecans to China annually. These challenges have impacted pecan growers across Louisiana and the USA.”

While tariffs currently stand at 27%, pecan exports to China, once soaring above 100 million pounds annually, have dwindled to a mere 30 million pounds in 2023. Navigating this backdrop, Louisiana Pecan Company, steered by Keyvan and Laura Shahrdar, has innovated to captivate the domestic market, notably with their Smoky Maple-Chili Candied Pecans available on Amazon.

Keyvan Shahrdar reflects, “From the classrooms of LSU Shreveport to the pecan orchards of Louisiana, our journey with Louisiana Pecan Company has been filled with challenges and triumphs. Laura and I are immensely proud of our innovations, especially our Smoky Maple-Chili Candied Pecans, which have garnered increasing sales.”

Whether it’s for charcuterie boards, restaurant salads, or just a snack, the Smoky Maple-Chili Candied Pecans have found their way into homes and hearts.

Popular for charcuterie boards, added to restaurant salads, or simply enjoyed as a snack, these candied pecans are more than just a treat. They embody a rich history and a tale of innovation and perseverance. The story behind these pecans traces back to Keithville, LA, where Aunt Pearl’s unique recipe captured the taste buds of many, leading to the product’s current fame.

About Louisiana Pecan Company: Founded by Keyvan Shahrdar, an immigrant from Panama, and his wife Laura, a Louisiana native, Louisiana Pecan Company is a premier pecan grower and innovator based in Louisiana, USA. They are dedicated to producing high-quality pecans and pecan-based products, embracing innovation to meet changing market demands.

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