LiveRetail Announces Marketing Technology Platform to Empower Hyperlocal Brand Advertising

AI powered platform enables multi-location brands to create ready-to-run posts and ads customized to local consumers

STUART, Fla., April 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Sales and marketing professionals already know the importance of reaching customers at the local level, but crafting and distributing an effective targeted and localized on-brand marketing campaign traditionally requires a great deal of time, knowledge, and resources.

LiveRetail‘s AI powered platform provides local franchisees with a set of ready-to-run social media posts and digital ads at a fraction of the cost, and with no marketing experience required. The power is in the simplicity of the platform – the AI-powered platform takes the national brand’s marketing initiatives and localizes them into hyper-targeted, localized posts and ads for each franchise location. This ensures that franchisees can focus on driving sales and building their brand in their local communities, while benefiting from the national brand’s marketing efforts.

For a minimum investment of $2,200, LiveRetail will onboard a national or regional brand, including brand guidelines, artwork, importing all locations and primary marketing initiatives, and produce localized ad posts for every location – all within 2 days. And all this without the brand paying a penny! After 90 days, only on what the brand perceives as success, the brand has full discretion to pay to continue use.

“The results speak for themselves,” said Chief Strategy Officer, Wayne Reuvers. “LiveRetail consistently beats both client and industry benchmarks 98.7% of the time by a minimum factor of 3X. The company boasts the largest repository of branded creative on the web, with over 30 million ready-to-run posts and ads for over 700 national brands. Whether you have 10s or 1000s of locations, the entire process can be managed directly through the LiveRetail platform with just a few clicks, reducing what used to take weeks or even months to just minutes,” Reuvers explained.

Whether you’re the owner of a single franchise, a cluster of locations or the CMO of a national brand, LiveRetail helps meet and exceed goals at the local level. From improved brand awareness, higher engagement, increased sales, or more repeat business, LiveRetail provides the tools to get you there.

As social media and ad channels each have their own set of requirements for creative assets, it can be overwhelming for the average user to navigate. Fortunately, LiveRetail simplifies the process allowing users to select the platform they wish to advertise on, set a budget, and then let LiveRetail take care of the rest. This ensures that users can focus on other important aspects of their business, while still seeing effective marketing results. With LiveRetail, branded marketing has never been easier or more efficient.

Today’s digital world demands brands work to maximize their reach through hyper-local, relevant content that actually means something to your customers. Multi-location brand marketers know the critical importance of reaching local markets, but they also know that creating a strong, localized digital presence is no easy task. LiveRetail’s robust suite of marketing technology tools allow brands to create localized ads at scale, ensuring your campaigns are on-brand and maximizing their effectiveness. 

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LiveRetail is a software platform that enables multi location brands to create digital assets at scale that are on brand and personalized for each location. Get more out of your local marketing reach and budget with ready-to-run ads for brands, franchises and MDF. For more info visit

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