LifiBifi, Delights Palates Sweet to Savory, Coast-to-Coast

CHERRY HILL, N.J., April 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ —┬áLifiBifi Inc., is thrilled to introduce two delicious new companies to their list of outstanding small businesses. Z. Cioccolato offers delicious, creamy fudge unlike any you have experienced. While their flavors have modern twists, the process remains tried and true, making each batch by hand, carefully stirring in the freshest ingredients and magically layering flavor upon flavor to create the most palate pleasing bite of bliss.

Stephanie Weinberger, President of LifiBifi, stumbled upon this incredible small business, "After just one bite I knew that we wanted to share Z. Cioccolato with everyone." It’s a sweet partnership that allows LifiBifi to offer this award-winning San Francisco treat to customers across the nation at special pricing.

On the savory side, LifiBifi has teamed up with S.a.l.t. Sisters. This woman owned small business is all about bringing the family back to the table. Founder, Charmane Andrews Skillen utilizes her three plus decades of knowledge to create products that are nutritious and delicious. This enables us to create flavorful meals at home, skipping takeout and maintaining a healthier balance. Sandi B from NJ was excited to sample this new addition, "Every night it’s the same question, what’s for dinner? S.a.l.t. Sister products took away the boredom by adding some great flavors to my favorite meals. I love that they have recipes on the packages."

It’s been a year since LifiBifi launched, introducing the best small businesses to people across the country. ┬áMarcie Handler, VP of Business Development, explains that LifiBifi was created to be "your marketplace to shop small businesses across the country. Our goal is to introduce everyone to companies that they most likely would never have discovered, the hidden gems."

We all feel the pinch right now and it has become clear that where we shop matters as much as price. Shopping small puts money directly into our local economies and allows businesses to flourish. The post pandemic world has made it clear that the little guy or gal in business needs wider exposure but that can be challenging to accomplish. Each small business partners with LifiBifi for a limited time, expanding their reach and giving them an external sales and marketing team across the nation.

Stephanie explains, "Mutuality is the key to everything. The businesses gain new customers, LifiBifi grows, and customers have a place to shop online to support small businesses with unique choices." Incredible stories, exceptional products, great gifts and making a difference are why customers are choosing to shop at LifiBifi.

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