Leading Natural Aperitivo Brand, Veso, Announces Partnership with Prominent California Wine Distributor Revel Wine

SAN FRANCISCO, March 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Veso, a leading natural aperitivo brand from San Francisco, California, announced today their partnership with prominent California wine distributor Revel Wine, to expand on and off premise distribution throughout the state of California.

Revel Wine represents some of the best new-age winemakers and wineries in California, with a focus on natural winemaking practices. Their portfolio includes wineries like Scribe, Matthiasson, Jolie-Laide, Broc Cellars, and Ryme, plus Napa aperitif company Mommenpop.

“Revel Wine is representing some of the best of a new wave of winemakers in California (and beyond) that are focusing on a natural practices and being good stewards of the land and the vineyards. With Veso’s focus on honest, natural ingredients, a rarity in the world of aperitifs, Revel Wine is the perfect fit for us to expand our reach and continue telling our story,” says Chris Beyer, founder and aperitif maker at Veso.

“The aperitivo movement is still young, and we believe that the best place to educate and sell consumers on the aperitivo experience is on-premise. Revel Wine’s incredible relationships with the food and beverage industry throughout California, and in particular, with wine-focused restaurants and bars (where Veso can be served under a wine-and-beer-only liquor license), will allow us to forge strong relationships in the industry, and expand Veso into the locations where consumers are imbibing the most often.”

Trade that wants to sample or purchase Veso should reach out to their local Revel Wine rep, or to
to be connected with the Revel Wine team.

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