Komax Desuperheaters Provide Maximum Efficiency for the Food and Beverage Industry

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif., May 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Komax Systems, Inc., is leading the way in desuperheater technology, by solving problems for the Food and Beverage Industry.

Desuperheater Applications

Desuperheater has many applications in Food and Beverage Industry.  Desuperheaters help in the production, handling, and in the packaging of food and beverage products.

Desuperheaters are a critical piece of equipment used to control the temperature of, or attemporate, the steam used to cook, sterilize, humidify, or dry food products. The temperature of the steam needs to be accurately controlled as it contacts food products, to get optimum results and good equipment life. 

Superheated Steam’s Role in Production

Superheated steam contains a high amount of latent heat which can be efficiently transferred at the point of application. However, if the downstream temperature is not appropriately controlled, it can cause thermal shock and damage to the processing equipment.  In some cases, wet steam can be formed which can result in pipe erosion which can increase downtime and maintenance, thereby causing inefficiency in operation   Saturate (wet) steam does not carry as much heat energy as compared to superheated steam.

Saturated steam is used in a variety of applications such as heating water for Clean-In-Place (CIP) applications, cooking sauces/soups/meats, sterilizing bottles/ beer barrels, and distilling. If superheated steam is not accurately desuperheated at the point of application, it can cause noise or vibrations in the steam heaters and spargers.  

Efficient Desuperheating also involves effective and extended contacting of steam and water, to vaporize the water. If the water is not completely vaporized, it pools in the steam piping which is then discharged thru the steam trap. Since the water that is used has been extensively treated, it is too expensive to waste.

The Komax Desuperheater Provides Solutions

The Komax Desuperheater reduces downtime and maintenance costs. Because of the efficient and extended contacting of steam and water, a precise temperature profile is delivered at the outlet. This allows for a highly accurate control. Large straight pipe lengths are not required to normalize the temperature profile as they are with traditional desuperheaters. The Komax Desuperheater requires only 5-10 pipe diameters downstream before the next part of your process.

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