Jordan’s Skinny Mixes and Ben Higgins’s Generous Coffee Co. partner to create a Limited ‘Give Back Barista Pack’

The two-leading brands collaborate to give coffee drinkers a guilt-free package to enjoy in more ways than one

CLEARWATER, Fla., April 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The number one brand for zero calorie, zero sugar syrups for those who love lattes and coffees, Jordan’s Skinny Mixes has partnered with for purpose business, Generous Coffee Co., to create a limited edition bundle that gives back called the Give Back Barista Pack. The brand chose to collaborate with former "The Bachelor" star, President and Co-Founder of Generous Coffee, Ben Higgins, after sharing love for the brand’s purpose to support non-profit and social causes that are fighting for humans around the world. 

"It was an easy decision for Jordan’s Skinny Mixes to team up with Generous Coffee after speaking with Ben and learning about his for purpose company, we love how he uses his platform and kind heart to focus on giving back over making a profit," said Skinny Mixes CEO, Jordan Engelhardt. "Our hope is by purchasing the Generous Coffee and Skinny Mixes Give Back Barista Pack, you will feel hopeful and excited to know your purchase is transforming lives and empowering individuals around the world."

For $29.99 the Give Back Barista Pack will include a four-ounce bag of Generous Coffee’s Higgin’s Blend and six bottles of Skinny Mixes syrups plus a Skinny Syrup’s Mocha Flavor Burst. To complement the Generous Coffee blends’ chocolate flavor notes, Skinny Mixes will include the Chocolate Trio of Salted Dark Chocolate Espresso Syrup, Chocolate Caramel Truffle Syrup, and Chocolate Fudge Brownie Syrup and the Caramel Trio which includes the popular flavored syrup Salted Caramel. Plus, the package will come with a personal touch from Higgins, himself, with a personalized note.

"When we started Generous Coffee, our dream was to sell a high quality coffee product, and then donating the proceeds back to nonprofits and social causes fighting for humans around the world," said Higgins. "By partnering with Skinny Mixes we will be elevating both companies’ platforms by providing our consumers high-quality products that ultimately do incredible things for those who need it most."

Skinny Syrups and the Generous Coffee Co.’s Give Back Barista Pack will be available at beginning April 27 and the two brands will donate 100-percent of the profits from the limited edition pack’s sales to Humanity and Hope United.

About Jordan’s Skinny Mixes:

Skinny Mixes empowers people to make healthier choices full of flavor and fun, from coffee to cocktails and everything in between. Enhance your favorite foods and beverages with guilt-free sweetness and flavor. Skinny Mixes is the leading manufacturer of low-calorie cocktail mixes, sugar free coffee syrups, cold brew coffee on tap, sauce toppings and many other specialty beverage items and gift sets. Skinny Mixes features standout Skinny Syrup flavors like Mocha, Salted Caramel and Vanilla as well as fruity flavors like their Blueberry Burst, Peach Ring and Citrus Splash Functional Syrups, plus their fall fan favorite, Pumpkin Spice. Skinny Mixes and Syrups are proudly produced in the USA and are Gluten Free & Kosher. Skinny Mixes can be found in over 13,000 specialty retail locations across the United States, Canada, Australia and Europe. For more information, please visit and follow on social media at @SkinnyMixes.

About Generous Coffee:

"You’re going to drink coffee anyway, why not make it life-changing coffee?" More than a craft-roasted coffee, Generous Coffee Co. was co-founded in 2017 by "The Bachelor" alum, Ben Higgins, Riley Fuller and Drew Scholl. Generous Coffee is about improving and bettering lives globally through ethically sourced coffee beans and other purposeful products. In for the for-profit biz, but more importantly, the for purpose biz as all of Generous Coffee’s profits are given to nonprofit organizations around the world. Best known for coffee, Generous Coffee partners with other socially good companies to offer a variety of products that are also changing the world. To find out more about Generous Coffee, please visit

About Humanity and Hope United:
H&H works with three communities in Honduras, focusing not on issues, but people. They believe that opportunity creates opportunity, so they focus the majority of their time and resources to enable those they serve. The H&H mission is to empower people through self-directed, sustainable change in six key areas: infrastructure, economy, community, health, education, and leadership. To learn more, please visit

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SOURCE Skinny Mixes; Generous Coffee