Jaw Dropping Results Breaking for BTI’s 2020 Whisk(e)y Awards

CHICAGO, Sept. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Beverage Testing Institute, conductors of the oft-imitated first international spirits competition in the United States, has completed its evaluation of 2020’s Best Whiskies. Twenty-one all-trade blind tasting panels assessed the spirited contenders for quality in the BTI Lab using its proprietary methodology and custom software.

From small US artisans, to Canadian distilleries, to Kentucky powerhouses, here are some of the best of category winners:

Colorado’s Old Elk Distillery came out with gloves on. The 15-year Old Elk Straight Rye and Old Elk Straight Wheat dressed to impress winning Gold and leading their categories. The secret to Old Elk’s success? We think it’s likely the combo of the lifetime experience of Master Distiller Greg Metze (38 years at Seagram’s Distillery) and the exceptional palate of Head Distiller Kate Douglas.

Also, from the “The Centennial State”, the Boulder Bottled-In-Bond American Single Malt from Vapor Distillery set the bar for what ASMW can produce with its 95-point, Gold Medal winning, liquid treasure.  Nods to The QuintEssential ASMW from Iowa’s Cedar Ridge Distillery for a great showing as well at 93 points.

For the Blended Rye Whiskey category, Utah’s High West Double Rye! received a golden accolade solidifying its place as a bar and consumer top-performer.

Rye Whiskey craft dominators Old Potrero from California and Evanston Illinois’ FEW Rye Whiskey excelled at 94 and 92 points, respectively. And Kentucky stalwart, Wild Turkey Rye 101 shined as an expert expression of the Rye persuasion.

There’s no denying that there’s something about that Kentucky limestone-filtered, “branch” water… The big winner was Kentucky scion Doc Swinson’s 15 Year Cask Strength Straight Bourbon Whiskey, which grabbed the only BTI Platinum Medal—the beverage world’s ultimate honor for a spirits brand.

Heavy-medal-laden Kentucky distillery, Sazerac belted out some big Bourbon anthems. Their Colonel E.H. Taylor Single Barrel, Weller Full Proof and Stagg Jr. all hit 95-point high notes.

The Knob Creek 12-Year-Old 100 Proof Bourbon from Clermont Kentucky’s legendary Jim Beam Distillery not only proved that it provides great bang for the buck, but with an sensational 95-point score, will make your taste buds sing.

Flavored Whiskey nods go to the Michigan craftsmen at Journeyman Distillery for their 92-point Field Rye Fig Flavored Whiskey and the from-left-field, only-in-America Skrewball Peanut Butter Flavored Whisky, which are both delicious and far more than just guilty pleasures.

For the full list of BTI’s 2020 North American Whiskey Results visit their free consumer buying guide Tastings.com: http://www.tastings.com/Calendar-Spirits/Review-2020-09-01-North-American-Whiskey.aspx

Across the pond in the World Whiskey Review a record 7 Platinum BTI Medals were awarded to Midleton, Redbreast, Jameson and Kavalan this year. Kavalan from Taiwan shows off its whisky finishing and how their liquid gold and barrels benefit from the region’s warmer temperatures.

Do you know about Jameson’s Bow Street 18 Year Old Cask? It made our judges’ knees buckle as they fell in love with it. At 96 points, gifting this beaut will ensure that your in-laws write you into their will.

Midleton’s Dair Ghaelackh Knockrath may be difficult for Americans to pronounce but even harder to put down. Savory, warming and a spiritual experience. Consistently golden Aberlour grabs 5 gold medals.

On our radar, newcomer Archie Rose from Australia will be a collector’s dream whiskey as we suspect the brand grow and get better and better and better. Slightly peated Irish Blended Whiskey The Legendary Silkie is highly recommended.

The takeaways?

  • No matter the size of the budget of the consumer, delicious North American drams are plentiful.
  • Digging for gold? Get lucky in Kentucky.
  • Ready to venture beyond the bluegrass state? Craft distilleries Journeyman and FEW deliver and show that craft spirits producers have truly honed their technique and distilling skills.
  • Learn to leave the Steakhouse Single Malts to the uninspired. Instead try Aberlour, the malt of the individual.
  • And if you do have some extra dough to dish out for some quality whiskies—our results show, they should be Irish.

For a full list of BTI’s 2020 World Whiskey Review along with detailed tasting notes and cocktail recommendations visit our consumer-facing site. http://www.tastings.com/Calendar-Spirits/Review-2020-08-01-Scotch-Irish-and-World-Whiskey.aspx

About BTI: Beverage Testing Institute was founded in 1981 with the mission of making the beverage industry better, one brand at a time. Creators of the first international spirits competition in the U.S. they have a rotating monthly category call for their unbiased, professional published reviews. For more information about BTI’s reviews, competitions and other services visit: www.bevtest.com

Diana Kruming-Berg, Client Marketing Manager


SOURCE Beverage Testing Institute

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