It’s Time for mo’mugi Barley Tea! FIRST & ONLY North American Version of Japan’s Best-Kept Beverage Secret Launches on Amazon in USA & Canada

Enjoyed Hot or cold, mo’mugi roasted barley tea is perfect for everyone bored with water, interested in health & fitness, seeking the ultimate hangover hydration and alternatives to caffeine – it’s 100% natural, caffeine & sugar free, ultra-hydrating, and soothing.

SALMON ARM, BC, April 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Founded by two sisters, The Canadian Barley Tea Company, unveils mo’mugi on and mo’mugi is made locally in British Columbia with the finest organic Canadian barley. Inspired by Japanese mugicha, mo’mugi is an all-day, everyday drink. "It’s roasty, earthy, and delicious," says the San Francisco Bay Times. mo’mugi has been featured over 20 media outlets including Canadian Living, The Japan Times, and Vita Magazine.

"As we love to say: Bye-bye Bubble Tea; Move over Matcha; Katch ya later Kombucha; it’s time for Mugicha!" says Janice Ishizaka, co-founder. "mo’mugi is the next Asian-inspired tea set to take over North America."

mo’mugi: Barley Tea Benefits

  • 100% Natural: Made with the finest Canadian organic barley. No caffeine, No sugar, No carbs, No calories. It’s the first drink babies in Japan get at age 6 months and enjoy everyday for their entire lives.
  • 100% Scientifically Proven Benefits: Hydrates BETTER than water, helps fight cavities and won’t stain teeth, provides antioxidants. Links to studies on website.
  • 100% Sustainable: Made local, low carbon footprint, award-winning plant-based compostable teabags, non-landfill recyclable packaging.
  • 100% Convenient: Smooth and refreshing, so easy to make. Simply add teabag to a quart of cold water directly, put in the fridge for an hour, then it’s ready to drink. Or add teabag to a mug of boiled water for 3 minutes, enjoy and re-steep as desired.
  • 100% for Everyone: The ultimate thirst-quencher, mo’mugi is an all-day water replacement beverage safe enough for everyone, from babies to adults, including during pregnancy.

"Our goal is to have mo’mugi in every fridge in every home across North America," says Cilla Watkins, co-founder. "We want everyone to enjoy this healthy, locally produced, delicious and economical drink option. Once you try it, you’ll be reaching for it as a daily thirst-quencher and a relaxing drink when you want to enjoy a comforting, quiet moment."

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Media Contact:
Janice Ishizaka, Co-Founder


SOURCE The Canadian Barley Tea Company