Investment and Innovation Converge: AGT Soileos Production Facility Grand Opening Marks a New Era in Sustainable Crop Nutrition.

ROSETOWN, SK, Oct. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Lucent Bio, proudly announces the grand opening of the first Soileos production facility. AGT Soileos, a limited partnership between Lucent Bio and AGT Foods, will produce Soileos, a suite of sustainable crop nutrition products, in Rosetown, Saskatchewan. Set for October 11, this milestone event celebrates the fusion of innovative sustainable agricultural technology and the circular economy.

The new Soileos production facility leverages Lucent Bio’s novel advancements in sustainable crop nutrition and AGT Foods’ decades-long expertise in pulse and staple crop processing. The collaboration aims to support global agriculture by upcycling oat and pulse-based cellulose fiber from AGT Foods into crop nutrition products. These products are designed to enhance crop yields, nurture soil health, and promote environmental stewardship.

The newly refurbished manufacturing facility, once a grain processing plant owned by AGT Foods, exemplifies Lucent Bio’s’ commitment to innovative and sustainable solutions. The strategic choice to repurpose this existing facility underscores a dedication to operational efficiency and environmentally conscious practices—qualities that align seamlessly with the interests of investors seeking stable and sustainable opportunities.

Michael Riedijk, Founder and CEO of Lucent Bio says: “At the grand opening of the Soileos production facility, we plant the seeds of a sustainable future. Together, we are redefining the future of crop nutrition with products that are petrochemical-free, non-polluting and climate positive, “

Kyle Scott, Managing Director of Emmertech and lead investor in Lucent Bio, says: “The grand opening in Rosetown is a transformational milestone for Lucent Bio. We are excited to see the company continue delivering sustainable agriculture solutions at an increasingly significant scale.”

With the grand opening of the Soileos production facility, Lucent Bio has de-risked their novel manufacturing process and technology to upcycle cellulose fiber by-products from food processing into sustainable crop nutrition products at large industrial and commercial scale.

Lucent Bio recently also announced new products based on their sustainable, biodegradable and biopolymer-based technology platform:

  • Nutreos, a microplastic-free micronutrient seed coating, which improves seed germination and root development, and
  • Agreos, a microplastic-free slow-release coating for NPK fertilizers.

All Lucent Bio product lines, Soileos, Nutreos, and Agreos align with the objectives of new fertilizer reduction regulations and microplastic bans which are being implemented across the globe.

The opening of the Soileos manufacturing plant and the announcement of new product lines offers investors a unique chance to participate in a transformative movement to transition traditional agriculture towards sustainability, enhance food security, and address pressing climate impact challenges.

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