Introducing: Uncharted Coffee Supply, An Ethical Certified Women-Owned Coffee Roaster Rooted in Community and Transparency

With Uncharted Coffee’s new “Coffee Collective” subscription, coffee lovers can now explore regional coffee and sip with purpose in the comfort of their homes.

MIAMI, Nov. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Uncharted Coffee Supply announces the launch of its new monthly coffee subscription service, “Coffee Collective,” allowing customers to experience coffee in a new way right in the comfort of their homes.

Uncharted Coffee is a Black Women-Owned Business certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). As an ethical coffee roaster, Uncharted Coffee produces rare and limited-edition coffee beans, all while being on a mission to decolonize coffee and reclaim the narrative for Black and Brown generational coffee farmers around the globe.

With a deep passion for diversifying the coffee industry, notoriously known for its dark history against People of Color, the two Black women, sister-duo and co-founders Jasmine and Danielle Neveles, know the importance of representation, especially for underrepresented groups in entrepreneurship.

“We’re honored to come to market with a product that tells our story and the stories of others,” says Danielle Neveles, Co-Founder of Uncharted Coffee. “The launch of Uncharted Coffee represents reclaiming the narrative of coffee and the unheard voices behind the beans. My sister and I hope to encourage other female entrepreneurs to stand in their story.” 

As the first of its kind, Uncharted Coffee has an ethical supply chain by partnering directly with small cooperatives to source their single-origin beans. Taking a step further to limit the environmental factors done by the coffee industry, all Uncharted Coffee is packaged in plant-based compostable packaging, and each sale contributes to their 1% promise to the planet. The story behind each bean is told with the help of blockchain technology, which allows Uncharted Coffee to create more transparency within the industry. With their unique model, straying away from profit-driven trade to a balanced, conscious capitalism model, Uncharted Coffee supports farmers where they are, by directly impacting communities through direct fair wages and prioritizing livelihoods.

With the “Coffee Collective” monthly subscription, coffee drinkers have a grounding customizable experience with three monthly unique roasts and flavor profiles ranging from light, medium, and dark – with varying profiles from rich and bold to smooth and fruity. With this in mind, all beans are premium quality and have undergone a meticulous roasting process. Producing single-origin beans allows subscribers to experience exclusively one bean from one region in three ways in one single month – creating an explorative experience from your home.

Uncharted Coffee believes that by providing its consumers with the story behind each bean and the farmers who produced them, it can build a community that connects people far beyond their daily cup of coffee. This community can explore, appreciate, and sip coffee in a new way.

“Coffee is about people, ritual, and connection,” says Jasmine Neveles, Co-Founder of Uncharted Coffee. “No matter who you are or where you’re from, we all can recall a special memory we’ve shared with someone over a coffee.” 

To commence their launch, Uncharted Coffee is offering 20% off their annual subscriptions using code “LATTE,” along with their “always free shipping” promise.

To learn more about Uncharted Coffee Supply, its products, and its efforts to change the coffee industry, please visit its website: For all media inquiries, please contact Uncharted Coffee Supply at

About Uncharted Coffee Supply:

Uncharted Coffee Supply was founded in 2023 with a mission to decolonize coffee and reclaim the narrative for coffee farmers around the globe. As a Black Certified Women-Owned Business, Uncharted Coffee works towards improving diversity across the coffee industry and works with like-minded partners to uplift communities of color and beyond. With Uncharted Coffee, coffee drinkers can explore single-origin, ethically sourced, and environmentally sound (1% for the planet) coffee from around the globe from the comfort of their homes, all while learning the story behind each bean.

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