Introducing The Popsmith Stovetop Popper, A Nostalgic Popcorn Experience for Home Entertainers and Cooking Enthusiasts

In five vibrant colorways, the Popsmith Popper’s revolutionary, sleek design and exceptional performance is bringing the wow back to popcorn.

NEW YORK, Aug. 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Popcorn, a cherished, nostalgic snack, is about to reclaim its throne as the ultimate snacking sensation with the launch of the Popsmith Stovetop Popper. Drawing upon over two decades of popcorn industry expertise, Popsmith has skillfully designed the ideal at-home popcorn machine, made from all stainless steel, exuding both modern sophistication and charm. With a crowd-pleasing appeal for adults and kids alike, this innovative creation revitalizes the joy of popcorn in every kitchen.

“Popcorn is universal. We all have cherished memories of the places where the aromas and salty, sweet crunch of popcorn has brought us together,” said Tal Moore, co-founder and CEO of Popsmith. “With our Stovetop Popper, we are creating new, unforgettable moments at home, bringing people together during movie nights, parties and when playing in the kitchen with our delicious recipes.”

For many popcorn lovers, the experience of using home poppers and microwave popcorn has become dull, with clunky, hard-to-use machines that churn out lackluster snacks and bland flavors. With the innovative Popsmith Stovetop Popper, a whole new world of popping is here. Launching in five gorgeous colorways – Butter, Cobalt, Poppy, Mint and Cream – the popper will become a showpiece at any gathering or movie night. Their chef-crafted, pre-measured popcorn kits in Oh Sooo Buttery and Classic Kettle Corn take the guesswork out of perfect popping and superb flavor, with no experience required. And thanks to the Popsmith’s premium, stainless-steel design and multi-layered metal bottom, the Popsmith Popper ensures even heat distribution, meaning no burnt popcorn or unpopped kernels. It’s popcorn, perfected.

“Our Popper is made for open-shelving, designed to become a kitchen centerpiece worthy of display, adding sophistication, a splash of art and fun to any gathering,” said David Stickland, co-founder and president of Popsmith. “We’re inspiring popcorn lovers to explore the delicious range of popcorn’s culinary possibilities with our new flavors and party ideas.”

Designed with the modern home entertainer in mind, the thoughtful and exceptionally engineered Popsmith Stovetop Popper is bringing back the magic of popcorn, elevating every moment into an effortless, extraordinary experience. Combining elegance and ease-of-use with functional benefits—the Popsmith is dishwasher safe and compatible with all stovetops—along with a range of delectable popcorn flavors, Popsmith is set to become the go-to popcorn centerpiece for those who celebrate the art of being at home.

Make this holiday season unforgettable by gifting Popsmith, the gift that creates cherished memories and moments of togetherness through quality snacking. With the Popsmith Stovetop Popper and perfectly portioned popcorn kits, the holidays are sure to be filled with joy and nostalgia.

Preorder the Popsmith Stovetop Popper now and receive ten free popcorn-making kits including the Oh Sooo Buttery and Classic Kettle Corn popcorn flavors to make and enjoy at home.

Join the popcorn revolution and learn more about the Popsmith Stovetop Popper at Share Popsmith Popper’s vibrant design, elegance and tempting popcorn creations @ilovepopsmith.

The Popsmith founders have been leaders in the popcorn industry for over 20 years. Passionate about creating the perfect design-centered, easy at-home popcorn experience, Popsmith has developed the innovative Stovetop Popper to bring joy and nostalgia back to every household. With a focus on exceptional taste, style and convenience, Popsmith is dedicated to making the art of popcorn popping an unforgettable, photo-worthy moment for all popcorn enthusiasts with its Popper which comes in five cool colors and popcorn subscriptions in Oh Sooo Buttery and Classic Kettle Corn.

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