Introducing Scoperta!, an Online Bespoke Wine Marketplace Like No Other

CHICAGO, March 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today a group of winemakers from among the 3,000 small wineries throughout the U.S. are toasting to the launch of Scoperta!, the first true direct-to-consumer (DTC) wine ecommerce marketplace where curious wine drinkers can discover the country’s hidden gems and get them shipped direct from small wineries to your doorstep. Scoperta means "discovery" in Italian, and as a brand that offers a uniquely modern and friendly online wine shopping experience without any gimmicks, Scoperta! delights in the authentic matchmaking between an artisan winery and their people.

Scoperta’s Chief Wine Officer and Sommelier, Dan Pilkey, leads a taste team of wine experts who all pledge to modernize the wine conversation and offer unpretentious and friendly recommendations for every wine featured. Scoperta! currently offers hundreds of wines with prices ranging $20$200 and will continuously add new U.S. wineries every week.

Some of the earliest wineries discovered by Scoperta! are rare in the wine industry, including those that are minority-owned, female-owned, or sustainably produced. The brand is also committed to shining a light on unsung wine regions throughout the country. Scoperta’s search function makes it simple to search for wineries and wines based on these distinctions along with a host of style and taste characteristics and price points.

A New Voice for Wine

"We created Scoperta! to give a modern voice and access to the small, distinct wineries that exist right here in the U.S. while solving for a lot of what the over-hyped ecommerce sites get wrong in terms of authenticity, simplicity and relevancy," said Adrienne Fasano, Founder and CEO of Scoperta! and an accomplished marketing executive and explorer of U.S. wineries. "We believe we are a fun wine friend who possesses a sophisticated knowledge of wine and boutique wineries yet meets you where you’re at in your wine exploration, saving you from being overwhelmed by the wine list and underwhelmed by the wine."

While wine ecommerce brands rose in popularity during the onset of the pandemic, Fasano recognized the need for a more sustainable and simple online wine shopping experience that is less transactional and more personalized and emotionally connected to wine.

None of the Gimmicks

"Scoperta! prides itself as a trustworthy digital online marketplace that avoids the gimmicks and entrapments of hard-to-cancel subscriptions, surprise wine selections, mystery wine labels, overpriced generic wine, ghost wine producers, and psychologically coded surveys," said Fasano.

As Scoperta’s discoveries will never end, its proprietary technology is designed to foster a genuine connection and wine friendship with every customer. Each time a customer engages with Scoperta!, its machine learning is programmed to understand their curiosities and preferences, enabling Scoperta! to present a personalized, bespoke wine marketplace. Soon every customer will have a virtual cellar that keeps a digital record of their purchases and favorites.

Making Wine More Fun and Interesting for the Next Generation of Wine Lovers

Scoperta! is launching as a fun, friendly wine marketplace brand at a time when the wine industry is calling on wineries to better market to the next generation of wine drinkers. The Silicon Valley Bank’s "2022 State of the Wine Industry Report" sheds light on the need for wine brands to foster a more meaningful relationship with millennials and better promote the enjoyment of wine as a part of their lifestyles.

"We’re elevating wine’s cool factor with a respect toward a curious wine drinker so they can make informed decisions about damn good wine that shows up on their doorstep," said Dan Pilkey. "We are committed to cultivating friendships with wine drinkers by engaging directly with them and continuously imbuing their curiosity with a dose of fun based on what matters most to them." 

Scoperta’s showcase of wineries informs of their backstories, such as Keller Estate in Petaluma, CA, run by its second-generation owner, Ana Keller, who is an immigrant from Mexico City. Keller was a driving force behind the Petaluma Gap, which recognizes a distinct growing region for its unique wind and fog conditions that make it one of California’s best areas for growing Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Syrah.

"Many of the small wineries have dreamed of an opportunity for their specially crafted wines to be more easily discovered throughout the U.S. and I’m grateful for a brand like Scoperta! that reminds a new generation of wine drinkers of how fun and enjoyable wine can be," said Ana Keller.

About Scoperta!
Founded in 2021 and based in Chicago, Scoperta’s mission is to give a voice and platform to small US wineries while making it simple for wine lovers to discover them. Scoperta! is the first true direct-to-consumer (DTC) wine marketplace that makes the online wine shopping experience simple and fun. Scoperta is privately funded and began operations for its winery partners in March, 2022. Visit and @Scopertawine on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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Denise Paleothodoros