Introducing Happy Farmer: A Revolutionary Solution for Homesteaders and Farmers Seeking Commercial and Backyard Poultry Coops

GORDONVILLE, Pa., April 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — There is excitement in the air with the announcement of Happy Farmer, a new company that aims to make poultry farming accessible, efficient, and enjoyable for homesteaders and farmers alike. Founded by Daniel Kauffman, a teacher in Belize, and Chris Stoltzfus, the owner and founder of E-Impact Marketing, Happy Farmer combines their love for sustainable farming, community outreach, and innovative technology.

Happy Farmer offers an extensive range of premium quality aluminum commercial chicken coops that can also be used for ducks, turkeys or ducks as well as a line of chicken tractors for backyard chicken enthusiasts. Their mobile coops are available on their website,, and are meticulously crafted to cater to the unique needs of both small and large-scale poultry farmers. With durability, functionality, and the welfare of the birds in mind, Happy Farmer provides a healthy solution for a thriving poultry business.

The mobile coops for sale on the website are designed for easy assembly, cleaning, and maintenance. They feature top-quality materials to ensure longevity, predator protection, and optimal ventilation for healthy and happy birds. The aluminum mobile coop line is easy to move to give chickens fresh pasture every day. Happy Farmer’s coops also come in various sizes and configurations, allowing farmers to choose the ideal solution for their specific requirements.

At Happy Farmer, the mission goes beyond providing exceptional coops. They are excited to enable a community of homesteaders and farmers to raise healthy poultry and produce nutrient rich eggs. The founders, Daniel and Chris, bring their unique perspectives to the company, from Daniel’s hands-on experience in Belize to Chris’s marketing expertise and background on a dairy farm. Together, they are building a brand that truly reflects the values of the homesteading and farming communities.

Visit their website at to explore their range of chicken coops and join their community of passionate poultry farmers. Happy Farmer is more than just a company; it’s a movement towards a sustainable, profitable, and fulfilling way of life. Let Happy Farmer help achieve poultry farming dreams today!

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