Introducing Dagashiya Box’s Kashipan Basket

TOKYO, June 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Japanese culture has always had some degree of influence on the United States. From anime and video games to fashion and martial arts, many U.S. citizens enjoy numerous aspects of Japanese culture. Perhaps the most impactful aspect of Japanese culture that has made its way to the U.S., though, is their cuisine. Sushi, tempura, ramen — the list goes on. However, one type of Japanese delicacy that not many Americans have tried is Japanese baked goods. From breads and cakes to pan and more, if you haven’t tried any Japanese baked goods yet, you’re truly missing out. Fortunately, Dagashiya Box recently started offering their Kashipan Basket packed full of various Japanese bread snacks.

Dagashiya Box’s Kashipan Basket features 11 different options of Japanese bread for you to try. Each box is delivered to your door and there is no mandatory subscription. You can order whatever box suits you best and not be locked into a commitment. Within the Kashipan Basket, you’ll find Siberia, Big Baumkuchen, Melon Pan, Ann Pan, Cream Pan, Melon Cream Pan, Sweet Potato Cream Pan, Doraki, Baumkuchen Cream, Baumkuchen Matcha, and Salt Yokan. Each has its own unique flavor profile, unlike anything you’ll find here in the U.S.

The Kashipan Basket is delivered directly to you and can be ordered via a desktop computer or smart device. This Japanese snack box ships between two and three business days from the order date and is shipped using Japan Post, DHL, or FedEx. Most customers receive their box within three to five business days after their order has shipped.

About Dagashiya Box

Dagashiya Box is a Japanese snack box company that offers boxes delivered to your door filled with assorted genuine Japanese goods. The Kashipan Basket is one of their five boxes offered at the time this article was written. While a subscription service is offered, a subscription is not required to receive one of their snack boxes. To learn more about Dagashiya Box or to order their Kashipan Bread Basket, you can visit

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Phone Number: 218-380-7926

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