Introducing A Better Way to Stay Hydrated: The New Brand That’s Shaking Up the Water Bottle Industry

ORANGE COUTY, Calif., Oct. 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Disruptive Drinkware has unveiled the newest and most remarkable hydration bottle in the world, created to give everyone a better way to stay hydrated.

The Disruptive Drinkware water bottle has been designed entirely around feedback gathered from in-depth customer focus groups. The result is a unique square, fun, bright and motivational bottle with a smart, intuitive design that effortlessly meets every requirement the everyday user may have, whether sipping on the go, refueling after a workout, or parching a thirst in the office.

The innovative design smashes through the status quo of the averagewater bottle with a range of thoughtful features and functions to make it completely unique:

  • Click to sipand Click to sealtechnology
  • Keeps contents hot for 20+ hours and cold for 36+ hours
  • Freddys Outer Wall tough technology to keep bottle free from dents and damage
  • Condensation-free design to keep the exterior dry
  • A palm-sized handle, as opposed to the usual finger handles
  • No need to purchase additional add-ons
  • A silicone bottom for slide-resistance
  • A unique square shape to help customers stand out from the crowd

Disruptive Drinkware is a brand with heart. Not only has it endeavored to create the most sustainable and durable water bottle that eliminates the need for single-use plastic, a percentage of each sale is dedicated to doing good. The company has pledged to donate at least $1 from every sale to the DEE & IDA Foundation, a charity that continues the important work of Dee and Ida Smith, who dedicated their lives to helping people in need.

CEO and Founder of Disruptive Drinkware, Fred Smith said, "Ive never followed the status quo, and I wanted to create a brand that aligns with my personal values. After learning how just how important keeping hydrated is, I challenged myself to create the best hydration bottle possible, and I really think weve made it happen. Our bottles are brave, bold, remarkable and their impact positively affects our own lives and the lives of people around us."

Disruptive Drinkware bottles start at $43.95 and can be purchased online in a range of fun and bold colors for those who want to stand out.

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Disruptive Drinkware was launched by Founder and CEO, Fred Smith with a vision to create a company that would touch the lives of people around the world and helps a charity close to his heart, the DEE & IDA Foundation.

After testing, Fred and the Disruptive Drinkware team came up with the design of the most remarkable drinking bottle ever made.

With sustainability and charity as the driving force behind the brand, Disruptive Drinkware has made a name for itself as being brave, bold, and totally remarkable.

Daniel Zahoul

SOURCE Disruptive Drinkware

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