International Box Wine Day Is September 9

KINGSPORT, Tenn., March 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — What began as a cheap container for wines in the mid- 1960s has become a reason for celebration by wine lovers around the world. Over the last decade, the box wine revolution became a cause célèbre.

Early boxed wines got a bad rap, largely because they deserved it. Wine producers used this inexpensive container to package many cheaply made wines. They found a market niche for these wines, but the poor reputation for boxed wines languished for decades. Ironically, the wine box has many advantages over traditional wine bottles. Finally, with the help of new technologies and rediscovery of the many advantages of the box container, the box wine revolution began.

Box wines stay fresh longer because the wine has little exposure to air and resulting oxidation. An opened box wine can last four to six weeks because the container is self-sealing. It is the most eco-friendly of all wine packaging. The container takes less energy to produce and the box is recyclable. Because of these and other factors, like convenience and lower shipping costs, box wines are better values than bottled wines.

The second stage of the box wine revolution happened as quality wine producers began leveraging this superior packaging for their higher quality wines. Premium box wines are becoming the norm. Consumers have discovered they now have a wider variety of box wines, and that selection is growing every day. Box wine sales were up over 30% in 2020, and that upward trend shows no signs of slowing.

Now that box wines are enjoying the acceptance they deserve, it’s time to celebrate with a special day to Embrace the Box and to share the joys of box wine with an ever-expanding army of fans. It’s time for International Box Wine Day.

What can box wine lovers expect on the inaugural International Box Wine day, September 9? That will likely be determined to some degree by COVID-19, but we hope the pandemic will have subsided to the point that Embrace the Box celebrations can proceed with the fervor they deserve. In the spirit of this new special day, we’re calling on winemakers worldwide to make plans to celebrate – to open your doors to box wine tastings and tours. Show off your box wines and participate in the celebrations. Wine Nook Co-Founder Cindy Saadeh said “Many major box wine producers are already making plans for International Box Wine Day.”

For your own at-home celebration, enjoy a box of your favorite wine. If you haven’t tried box wines yet, give one a shot. Most boxes contain more than 20 servings, so share with friends.

About Wine Nook: Our goal is to elevate the box wine and cocktail experience with our patented dispensers and accessories. Since 2015, we have championed the wine industry’s efforts to produce premium wines in alternative packaging. Wine Nook is partnered with the National Forest Foundation to plant a tree for every Nook sold.

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