Industria Power Completes Construction of 1MW Solar Microgrid for IWP Coachella

Industria Power Completes Construction of Solar Canopies & 2.6MWH Solar Microgrid

VALLEY CENTER, Calif., Jan. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — IWP, a Denali Company via Gridscape Solutions awarded Industria Power a construction contract for the 846 kW Solar Canopies and 2.6MWH BESS Microgrid in the city of Coachella. The primary goal was to reduce the electric utility costs for the food processing company.

IWP was awarded a California Energy Commission (CEC) Advanced Emergency Microgrid grant to help with project funding.

“Industria Power and Gridscape Solutions continue to work together to develop and construct more than 18 Complex Solar Microgrids at multiple locations throughout California,” said Ralph Ciarlanti III CEO & President of Industria Power.

The microgrid will help IWP to significantly reduce electric utility costs and meet their goals of reducing greenhouse gases. During a utility power outage the solar microgrid will switch over to islanded mode and power the entire site via solar and the LFP battery based energy storage system. Joseph Boyd, Director of Engineering West says, “In addition to the cost savings and improved resiliency our employees are very happy with the additional shading created by the solar carports.”

About Industria Power. With more than a decade of providing sustainable renewable energy solutions in California, Industria Power is a full-service commercial developer and general contractor in the C&I space. The company offers project development, design, engineering, procurement, and construction of renewable energy solutions including battery-based energy storage systems and microgrids. Successful projects in hospitality, municipalities, commercial and industrial, tribal lands, non-profits, and agriculture are represented in the company portfolio. Industria Power offers all types of financing. For more information, visit

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