iKitchens Acquired New Location in Daly City!

DALY CITY, Calif., April 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — iKitchens, the revolutionary platform that allows chefs, caterers, food manufacturers and food truck operators to rent licensed commercial kitchens, has announced the acquisition of a new location in Daly City, CA. iKitchens has been transforming the way chefs, caterers, and food truck operators conduct their businesses in California since 2010. With the acquisition of its newest location in Daly City, CA, iKitchens is taking its mission of providing access to quality kitchen space to the next level.

This new addition to the iKitchens family continues the company’s mission to provide up-and-coming chefs with a place to bring their culinary dreams to life. iKitchens’ innovative platform offers a wide range of rental solutions, from fully equipped commercial kitchens to catering equipment, that makes starting and running a food-based business more manageable than ever before. This new location offers an array of exciting kitchen and dining features for its users. Not only does it include a fully-equipped commercial kitchen, with all of the necessary equipment and appliances, but it also offers a unique and modern interior design. This allows users to create an environment conducive to their business needs and goals.

iKitchens provide the space and resources needed to create a thriving business and eliminate the large upfront investment usually associated with launching a food-based business. Additionally, their commitment to providing quality customer service, as well as their dedication to the health and safety of their clients, makes them a reliable partner for any aspiring chef. The acquisition of the Daly City location marks yet another step forward for iKitchens in their mission to provide commercial kitchen solutions that make it easier for chefs, caterers, and food truck operators to run their businesses.

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About iKitchens:

With the addition of their new location, iKitchens continue to provide up-and-coming chefs in San Jose, Palo Alto, and now, Daly City with the tools they need to realize their culinary dreams. By providing a safe, cost-effective, and reliable platform, iKitchens has made it easier than ever before for chefs to launch and maintain a successful business. With their commitment to customer service and satisfaction, iKitchens is making sure that the culinary dreams of aspiring chefs are fulfilled. Find out more at ikitchens.biz/.

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