Homemade Barbecue Sauce Inspired by Daughters’ Embarrassment by Dad’s Social Media Posts

DEERFIELD, Ill., June 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — "What did Dad do now?" became Danny Wilk’s daughters’ regular question as he posted videos and photos on social media of himself pretending to work at a variety of jobs, posts that totally embarrassed his three daughters. Eventually, the girls became immune to his antics, but, by then, "What did Dad do now?" was an established family catchphrase.

"I’d focused on teaching my kids that instead of being bothered by what I post on social media, they should embrace every opportunity that life offers them," says Wilk. "That’s how "What did Dad do?" began, and, soon, people started asking, "What will Dad do next?""

What Dad did next was to create and bottle a unique barbecue sauce made from premium ingredients that tasted so good that even Wilk’s highly critical daughters agreed it was extraordinary. The name of the sauce? My Dad’s BBQ, of course! The homemade small-batch sauce was finally produced after numerous exacting taste tests and is available in both original and spicy versions.

"My three daughters constantly inspire me to add spice to life in any way I can, and, as a certified Kansas City BBQ judge, I know the importance of taste, texture and appearance when it comes to producing a truly great sauce," says Wilk. "My Dad’s BBQ surpasses the competition with a unique combination of ingredients that elevates its flavor far beyond that of mass-produced store brands."

Danny’s daughters still come home and ask their mom, "What did Dad do now?" but now, Dad has an impressive answer.

About My Dad’s BBQ, LLC

Located in Deerfield, IL, My Dad’s BBQ, LLC produces barbecue sauces, both original and spicy, using premium grade ingredients, made and packaged in the USA. The company also offer hats and aprons with the My Dad’s BBQ logo, making ideal gifts for Father’s Day – or any day.

Visit the website,
, or phone 847-780-6693 for more information.

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Danny Wilk
Phone: 847-780-6693

Website: www.mydadsbbq.com


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