Home Winemaker Depot Celebrates 50 Years of Experience in the Winemaking Industry

PLEASANTVILLE, N.Y., April 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Home Winemaker Depot is very excited and proud to announce our organization, as well as our parent company Prospero Equipment Corp., is celebrating 50 years in the winemaking industry in 2022. Our wine equipment supply company in Pleasantville, NY continues to share the Prospero family tradition of home winemaking with locals, visitors, and commercial businesses in the area, ever since our start in 1972. Our goal as an organization is to provide high quality winemaking equipment, supplies and expertise to home winemakers and enthusiasts both locally and nationally. As Home Winemaker Depot enters its 50th year of operation, spreading the knowledge, skill, and passion of our founding Prospero family, we’re sharing some details about the history of our subsidiary company.

Home Winemaker Depot owes its start to the Prospero Winery & Grapes, whose origins date back all the way to 1972. Founder Tony Prospero started selling California-grown wine grapes and winery equipment — including basket presses, crushers, and destemmers — sourced from Italy during the fall harvest season, in an effort to expand into the world of wine aficionados. This allowed local winemaking amateurs and enthusiasts to continue living their European lifestyle, and gave Prospero the chance to establish strong, multi-generational relationships with his clients.

Our Home Winemaker Depot mission is to help everyday amateur winemakers and wine enthusiasts in Westchester, NY and across the United States pursue their passion for this industry. As we move into our 50th year of operation, we’re reaffirming our organization’s generational commitment to quality and letting our community know about all the different supplies we offer.  From barrels to crushers and destemers, to corks and yeast, we offer all the equipment and supplies that you need to bring grape to bottle.  A full catalog is available on our website.

Today Home Winemaker Depot maintains our dedication to local home winemakers and hobbyists who enjoy the home winemaking tradition. Learn more about our world-class winemaking equipment collection, resources, and mission at https://www.homewinemakerdepot.com/.

About Home Winemaker Depot:

Home Winemaker Depot is a winemaking equipment and resource supplier for amateur winemakers and enthusiasts in Pleasantville, NY and across the United States. Since 1972, our subsidiary organization of Prospero Equipment Corp. and Prospero Winery & Grapes, has been dedicated to sharing the knowledge of creating world-class wines and helping our community members create their own unique blends. A full current catalog is available on our website. 

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