HighBridge Premium™ Signs Distribution Agreement with MOB in Minnesota

SHERIDAN, Wyo., Dec. 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — HighBridge Holdings, Inc. is pleased to announce the introduction of its Hemp derived Delta-9 infused beverages to the State of Minnesota! HighBridge has selected MOB Distribution, a Minnesota based company, for exclusive sales and distribution of the HighBridge products. HighBridge currently produces three faux Beers, two Botanical Seltzers, an Energy Drink and a variety of specialty drinkables including its new line of “MockTales.”

HighBridge is a Multi State Organization (MSO) with a developing international footprint, and specializes in the formulation, production & sale of premium recreational cannabis and hemp-based beverages. (highbridgepremium.com)

“What started as a recreational product in cannabis-legal states like California and Arizona, has now been re-formulated with hemp-derived Delta-9, making it legal in a majority of states,” said James Hunter, Founder of HighBridge. “A few months ago, Minnesota was not even on our radar, and now we are thrilled to have a presence here,” said Hunter, a Minnesota native. Adding that adjusting the formulas of the HighBridge products to be compliant with Minnesota Regulations, while continuing the HighBridge principles of great taste and product integrity, took a few months. The first of the HighBridge products are scheduled to hit the shelves in a variety of locations throughout Minnesota this month.

MOB Distribution is owned and operated by two Minnesotans: James Schaefer and Michael Barth. Schaefer, with a degree in Engineering, is a longtime metro area businessman and entrepreneur. Barth brings with him nearly 30 years of combined experience in military logistics and sales. “We saw the opportunity presented by HighBridge and could not be happier to be part of the HighBridge Team,” said Schaefer. “We will first be introducing the HighBridge faux Beer products, then adding additional products after the first of the year,” stated Barth.

HighBridge creates and produces high quality infused beverages, utilizing the best available raw materials, state of the art technology and the highest standards in testing. HighBridge is an industry leader in promoting social responsibility and education, having partnered with, and pledging part of its proceeds to Realm of Caring. (realmofcaring.org). Realm of Caring is the Charitable arm of Charlotte’s Web and its mission focuses on research, education, building community, and improving quality of life through the use and application of hemp and cannabis derivatives.

To learn more about HighBridge and its journey, mission and opportunities, we encourage you to visit our website and follow us on social media. For retail product information, including order placement, availability, and pricing, contact MOB Distribution direct at 952-500-2020.

About HighBridge Premium:

HighBridge Premium (The HighBridge Company, LLC) is a Wyoming corporation that, in conjunction with its consulting, lab and marketing partners, develops premium beverages for the recreational legal cannabis and hemp industries. HighBridge currently has 10 market ready products and SKUs, and expects to add several more each Quarter. HighBridge products are currently available in California, Arizona, Texas and Minnesota. Product launch venues for 2023 include Louisiana, Florida, Nevada, Tennessee, Mexico and Canada. HighBridge is dedicated to premium quality and product integrity. For more information visit www.highbridgepremium.com

Certain statements in this press release are forward-looking statements. These statements involve risks and uncertainties, which are described in more detail and discussed in the Company’s website; www.highbridgepremium.com. Forward-looking statements are made and based on information available to the Company on the date of this press release. HighBridge assumes no obligation to update the information in this press release.

Victoria Hunter

SOURCE HighBridge Premium™