HidrateSpark Announces HidrateSpark PRO in 32oz – The Largest Smart Water Bottle Yet and The Most Advanced Stainless Steel Hydration Tracker Ever

MINNEAPOLIS, Feb. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — HidrateSpark, award-winning leader and smart water bottle pioneer, is excited to announce the launch of its 32oz HidrateSpark PRO bottle, engineered to offer the most advanced technology and design to help you track hydration and maintain healthy habits. With its rich custom features, the HidrateSpark PRO 32oz is the largest in HidrateSpark’s smart bottle product line, enabling you to keep track of your daily hydration goals with glowing bottle reminders as well as HidrateSpark App and smartwatch notifications.

"Our fans have asked us for a larger smart water bottle, and now we’re excited to make it available to customers today," said Coleman Iverson, Co-CEO of HidrateSpark. "HidrateSpark smart water bottles can help solve the many health problems associated with dehydration by keeping your water intake on track all day long. A larger bottle is just one more way we’re helping solve the challenges of not drinking enough water each day."

More than 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated, leading to fatigue, weight gain, kidney disease, and dry skin. Dehydration affects everyone, from kids to grandparents. HidrateSpark invented the smart water bottle to help solve the many health problems associated with dehydration.

The new larger-sized HidrateSpark PRO 32oz features sensing technology through a powerful rechargeable smart LED sensor puck that seamlessly integrates into the bottom of the bottle. The puck eliminates the need for a sensor stick and battery replacements. Bottle color and lid combinations allow you to make this smart water bottle your very own. Available in black with chug or straw lid options, customers can choose from a variety of eight included glowing colors.

All HidrateSpark bottles pair up with a FREE downloadable HidrateSpark App featuring tracking, notifications, trophies, and more. Customers can also purchase Glow Studio for the ultimate personalization of their very own glows by providing the tools to create their unique glow colors.

HidrateSpark Pro 32oz smart water bottles use HidrateSpark’s proprietary Hydration Equation offering each customer their own daily dynamic hydration calculation. The FREE HidrateSpark App calculates a water intake goal for each person based on key physiological and biological factors and other inputs such as elevation, weather, and exercise. The App also includes a "Find My Bottle" feature so you can easily track where you last synced up your bottle, making lost bottles a thing of the past.

The HidrateSpark PRO family comes in 17oz stainless steel ($64.99), 21oz stainless steel ($69.99), 32oz stainless steel ($79.99), and 24oz Tritan Plastic ($59.99) with Straw or Chug lid options. The HidrateSpark App is available as a FREE download on the App Store or Google Play Store.

To join HidrateSpark’s community of wellness-minded individuals and experience life fully hydrated, find HidrateSpark at www.hidratespark.com or on social @HidrateSpark.

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