Harry “Guru” Khanna’s Indian Curry Sauces Are the Perfect Complement to Any Curry Dish

The Indian Entrepreneur’s Painstakingly Developed Curry Sauces Are Convenient, Delicious, and Don’t Overwhelm the Rest of the Dish

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Aug. 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Indian food has a reputation for being intense. Mustard seed is strong. Cumin is overpowering. Garam Masala literally means “hot spices.” If a person isn’t careful, they can easily overpower a base of rice, lentils, or meat by putting too many spices on top. It’s this delicate balance of complimentary taste that was a primary focus for Harry “Guru” Khanna as he spent years developing his famous line of Indian sauces.

“My first goal in creating a sauce,” Khanna says, “is to find a way to create a recipe that integrates all of the staple ingredients that make Indian food so delicious without overwhelming the base meal in the process. It doesn’t matter if you’re putting the sauce on chicken, beef, shrimp, or veggies. If the sauce is too strong, it will take over the flavor, and that’s never ideal.”

Khanna stresses that his sauces are meant to complement and draw out the flavors already present in a curry dish. “Together, the sauce and the base should combine to create intricate and delicious new flavors,” he says.

To accomplish this, Khanna spent over two decades fine-tuning his sauce recipes. He started this process while creating curry dishes in his own pub in Toronto. He also spent years in India perfecting his sauces and has invested heavily in using cryogenic spices to amplify the flavor profile of each ingredient.

The end result is a line of sauces that bring genuine Indian cooking right into the home kitchen. Customers can use Khanna’s perfected recipes (which don’t require preservatives and are top-allergen safe) to prepare professional-grade Indian dishes in their own homes in a matter of minutes. The convenience combined with the painstaking attention to detail are a unique combination that can only be found when an individual like Khanna pours every ounce of their passion, time, and energy into perfecting their craft.

About Guru Foods Indian Sauces
Guru Foods Indian Sauces was launched in 2009 by Harry “Guru” Khanna. The Indian ex-restaurant owner created his own commercial sauce label to give a global audience access to his premium Indian sauces. These highly sought-after culinary condiments utilize cryogenic spices, extra virgin olive oil, and Himalayan salt and are vegan, low-fat, top allergen safe, and free of dairy, gluten, trans-fat, MSG, cholesterol, and additives. Learn more at gurusauces.com.

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