Greenway Products & Services’ Pallets Move Products, Supporting Manufacturing Production in Maryland and Delaware

BALTIMORE, Feb. 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Access to a steady, reliable supply of wooden pallets in Maryland, Virginia, and Delaware, and federal agencies now rely on a well-established, highly-rated pallet manufacturer and remanufacture, Greenway Products & Services, based out of Baltimore MD.

Maryland alone supports 4,187 manufacturing firms, employing 108,519 people[i] who require a steady supply of pallets to get their products to warehouses, distributors, and customers. Any interruption in pallet supply can significantly interrupt their production lines and distribution network. Greenway Products & Servicespallet supply services are designed to keep manufacturers production lines functioning at full capacity. A steady pallet supplier avoids costly downtime  in money, time and headaches.

"Having the right pallet at the right time should be the last thing our customers have to worry about," Dominick Davi, president of Greenway Products & Services reports. "As a leading pallet company in the Mid-Atlantic region, we know the only time manufacturers are likely to consider their pallet supply is when they are running short, and worrying about their production schedule," he adds.

Greenway Products & Services provides standard GMA pallets, as well as custom pallets designed to provide maximum protection for manufactured goods, and minimize transportation costs.  Greenway uses a computer-aided pallet design system when building custom pallets custom-built to meet customers’ needs in terms of pallet size and load weight. Pallet customers of custom pallets benefit from Greenway’s investment in the National Wooden Pallet and Container Association’s Pallet Design System (PDS), developed by Virginia Tech University’s Center for Packaging and Unit Load Design, in conjunction with the NWPCA and the U.S. Forest Service.

"Our pallet manufacturing and delivery services provides manufacturers with the right pallets, when they need them, at the lowest possible cost," Davi continues. The company provides full service pallet management, selling new and reconditioned pallets, heat-treated pallets, delivery and pickup services, as well as pallet recycling, repair, storage and disposal services.

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About Greenway Products & Services
Greenway Products & Services is a pallet manufacturer and re-manufacturer as well as a full-service pallet management company. Greenway’s product line includes new, reconditioned/recycled, remanufactured, wood pallets in standard and custom sizes for domestic and international shipping. Greenway is one of the few Mid-Atlantic suppliers of heat-treated pallets. The company offers comprehensive pallet services, including pallet delivery, storage, removal and disposal, repair programs, ISPM 15 services, consulting services, excess pallet purchase program, drop trailer services, and trucking services. Greenway is part of the Kamps, Inc. family of companies.



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