Goldleaf Invites Coffee Lovers to Discover Their Ideal Cup of Joe with The Coffee Journal, An Innovative, Interactive Log Book

CINCINNATI, June 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Coffee has long been a morning staple—a reported 62% of American adults drink at least one cup daily—and the craft coffee revolution has shown that consumers continue to have an unquenchable thirst for quality java. The Coffee Journal, released today by acclaimed print and design company Goldleaf, makes it easier than ever before for hundreds of millions of coffee lovers—experts and novices alike—to take the mystery out of figuring out what makes their perfect brew.

The Coffee Journal is available exclusively from Goldleaf: 

"We created The Coffee Journal for people who like to nerd out on coffee," said Charles McElroy, Chief Creative at Goldleaf. "While there are other ‘log books’ out there for coffee lovers—ours is more interactive, educational, and fun. It’s perfect for anyone who loves to learn and has an adventurous palate."

The Coffee Journal features a wealth of infographics and other instructive resources, including:

  • An abridged history of the origins of coffee.
  • A host of tasting tips to sample coffee like a pro.
  • Easy to understand summaries of the different types of coffee, processing methods, and brew methods.
  • 50 guided entry pages to track the nuances of any cup of coffee based on its roaster, processing method, and more.
  • Fun to fill-out full-page charts about coffee tasting experience

Additionally, Goldleaf has released the Coffee Brew Methods Compared Print, Coffee Flavor Lexicon Print, and the Many Ways to Enjoy Coffee Print. These three companion infographic art prints are available at

View a Video Demo of the Journal.
View Journal Product Photography.

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Charles McElroy

SOURCE Goldleaf Ltd.

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