Gin Brands Rise to the Top of Media Debate Around NOLO Drinks, New Research Finds

LONDON, Sept. 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — New research from media analytics firm Commetric found that alongside no and low alcohol beer, which has been around for years, new zero-proof gin brands have also become quite influential in the media debate around the NOLO trend.

For example, Gordon’s was of particular interest to media publications when it launched its 0.0% non-alcoholic spirit. Tanqueray was another media hit, as it announced that it’s launching an alcohol-free version of its iconic gin.

Commetric’s analysis included 1,170 English-language articles published between March-August 2021 in top mass media outlets like Reuters, the New York Times, Forbes and the Guardian, as well as leading industry publications such as The Spirits Business, Beverage Dynamics, Beverage Daily, BBC Good Food and Food & Beverage Magazine.

The growing popularity of NOLO gins could be attributed to the rise of the botanicals movement. Botanicals (ingredients derived from a plant which is valued for its therapeutic properties) are becoming trendy throughout the food and drink sector thanks to their association with sustainable credentials, natural flavours and health benefits.

A key point in the messaging around zero alcohol gins is that they were made with the same combination of botanicals that is used in "traditional" beverages so that it could sound like the only difference between the two is the ABV. That message was well-disseminated across the media outlets in our sample, as journalists usually mentioned it in the first few paragraphs of their stories.

We found also that while promoting specific products, companies have utilised these PR and comms efforts to boost their corporate brands as well. In this regard, new no- and low-alcohol offerings have been presented as part of a big all-encompassing effort for companies to become better corporate citizens. That’s why messages around these products have been intertwined with messages around topics such as sustainability or diversity and inclusion.

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