From Green Hydrogen to Molecular Sonic Mixing: How Boundless Is Redefining Hydration

The Australian Brand Is Breaking Boundaries in the Beverage World

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. and SYDNEY, April 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Boundless is an Australian beverage brand that is built on innovation. The company’s hydrogen water is uniquely manufactured using its cutting-edge manufacturing method, a process called hydrokinetic ultrasonic fluid mixing. This clean technology avoids the need for electrolysis, using simple yet effective sonic vibrations to combine its products’ two key ingredients.

As much as Boundless is committed to facilitating high-quality hydration in the present, the tech-first avant-garde brand is also invested in paving the way for a sustainable future. “Using molecular vibration to create hydrogen water is just the beginning for us,” says company CEO David Goo, “I know our emphasis right now is hydrogen water, but the truth is, science is just as much a part of our philosophy as health. We love to find cutting-edge ways to apply the latest science and tech breakthroughs into innovative health and wellness products.”

Goo adds that this emphasis on innovation is matched by the Boundless team’s relentless pursuit of sustainability. “Modern brands have a responsibility to consider how their activities impact the world,” the CEO explains. “What good is a health product if it sacrifices the future in exchange for the present?”

This eco-conscious mindset can be seen throughout the Boundless brand. The company only sources green hydrogen for its products, and all of its cans are 100% recyclable. Even hydrokinetic ultrasonic fluid mixing is helpful in the battle against waste, as it’s a chemical-free way to manufacture the hydrogen water itself.

From its sustainability efforts to its scientific focus, Boundless is a bleeding-edge beverage brand committed to creating safe, effective, and sustainable health products for its customers. The company is already wildly popular in the Land Down Under, and its recent entry into the U.S. market bodes well for Americans who value health and wellness and prioritize effective hydration.

About Boundless
Boundless Hydrogen Water was created by a research team led by Dr. Jeffery Son as a natural, comprehensive solution for his daughter’s eczema. The product was successful, not just for topical skin but for various general health benefits. The Brand is established as a market leader through the development of the company’s unique, non-chemical, Australian manufacturing method, and its founding team has worked tirelessly to share its hydrogen water with the world ever since. Boundless is backed by both science and continuous research and operates with the mission of using technology to unlock human potential and create the future of beverages. Learn more at

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