From Cap to Carton – Better Than Milk® Organic Plant Based Drinks are the Conscious Choice for Protecting Mama Earth

ROCHELLE PARK, N.Y., April 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — April 22nd marks the 51st anniversary of Earth Day and while Better Than Milk may be young compared to that, they are committed to catching up on those 50+ years and celebrating the Earth not just for one day, not even just for the whole month of April, but EVERY. SINGLE. DAY! To Better Than Milk, the Earth is EVERYTHING; From the pristine mountaintops, to the colorful rainforests, to the abundance of amazing species that live within her embrace. And, if we’re being honest, she’s been through a lot, so our Mama Earth needs all the love she can get! This is why Better Than Milk is committed to being a part of the change and caring for our planet one organic, plant-based milk at a time.

Better Than Milk believes that what you put into your body should not only taste good and be good for you, but also respect the gorgeous blue planet that we call home, which is why it is the wise choice for all of your plant-based drink needs. Better Than Milk is a delicious line of creamy plant-based alternative-milk drinks that are made from the simplest, best tasting, sustainable & renewable ingredients. The Earth-Friendly lineup features five mouthwatering flavors that include Unsweetened Almond Drink, Almond Drink, Unsweetened Oat Drink, Unsweetened Rice + Calcium Drink, and Rice Hazelnut Drink. All of Better Than Milks alternative milks are organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, gluten-free, dairy-free, and 100% vegan—making them better for your body, the earth… And, don’t you worry, you will never find any unwanted preservatives, thickeners or artificial ingredients in Better Than Milk, ever. These 100% shelf stable plant-based milks are so nourishing, creamy and delicious that they’ll earn a permanent spot in your pantry, we can promise you that!

Each carton of Better Than Milk is made with mindfully sourced Organic plant-based ingredients that are selected according to the highest quality and traceability standards. These ingredients include Rice, Almond, Hazelnuts & Oats that are grown on Sustainable, Organic Farms in Italy, Finland & Denmark from farmers that would never dream of using harmful chemicals or pesticides on their crops. The farms are committed to the highest standards of organic farming which protect local bee colonies and keep streams and tributaries clean; are self-sustaining, focused on composting and on-site water replenishment, which leads to less water usage & according to researchers releases 40% fewer carbon emissions compared to non-organic farms. The RICE is from organic farmers in the plains of Northern Italy, Piedmont, and Lombardy regions near Milan. The ALMONDS are from Sicily, a southern Italian island full of sunshine sourced by organic pesticide-free farms which is crucial to maintaining healthy bee colonies, whereas 99% of other almond drinks may source their almonds from non-organic California farms that use bee-harming pesticides and excessive water in drought prone areas. The fresh HAZELNUTS are from organic farms in the Lazio region of Italy near Rome. And lastly, the pure OATS, are naturally gluten-free, grown in Finland and Denmark.

The plants aren’t the only stars of their ingredient list; Better Than Milk is made from the purest spring water Mama Earth can offer. The incredible spring water in every Better Than Milk carton flows directly from the source, as nature intended, down from the Lessini Mountains in Northern Italy, nearly 1,500 feet above sea level into their production facility instead of using other water sourcing methods that are more taxing on the environment. This helps Better Than Milk reduce their carbon footprint as the production facility is located in a small village at the base of the mountain spring, leaving in all of the natural minerals that nourish our bodies and our planet.

When it comes to packaging, Better Than Milk cares a LOT! All Better Than Milk drinks are packaged in earth friendly recyclable paper aseptic cartons made from paper that is FSC certified, meaning that all materials that go into Better Than Milk cartons are responsibly harvested from renewable and sustainably managed forests, ensuring that our forests are protected, as well as the people and wildlife who rely on them. Another cool thing about each carton is that they are made with bio-based plastic caps made from sugarcane, not petroleum. Fun fact: Did you know that Sugarcane is an incredibly sustainable resource that is net-zero and carbon-neutral? This means that it captures carbon dioxide and releases oxygen into the atmosphere helping to reduce CO₂ emissions between 14-19% compared to plastic caps made with petroleum (aka fossil fuels) and it only needs rainwater to grow and not traditional irrigation!

When it comes to Better Than Milk, you’ve got loads of options! Every Better Than Milk drink is stored in multi-serving 1-Liter cartons helping combat single-use waste and making it easy for you to use one carton throughout your day or week. You can enjoy a fresh cold glass of Better Than Milk Oat Drink or pour some over your morning bowl of cereal, then save the rest for your afternoon tea or for baking your favorite brownies recipes. And, after guzzling down the whole carton, don’t forget to recycle because every package of Better Than Milk is 100% recyclable from cap to carton! Whether you recycle your carton straight into the recycling bin or by upcycling it into a DIY flowerpot, bird house, or toy spaceship, you’re helping Better Than Milk eliminate single-use waste and protect the planet.

“We care about our consumers, and we care about the Earth,” says Lonnie Williard, Vice President of Marketing at PANOS brands, parent company of the Better Than Milk.  “Our organic drinks are responsibly sourced and made with 100% recyclable packaging, so we proudly bring welcomed relevance to plant-based milk drinks, as even our caps our made from renewable sources. As we say, we’re 100% recyclable – From Cap to Carton!”

Better Than Milk has also just teamed up with the Plant Based Foods Association (PBFA), the trade association representing over 180 plant-based food companies to give plant-based foods a voice and better educate people about the benefits of eating plant-based for your body and for the environment. This partnership will further help extend Better Than Milks important sustainability messages.

“As more information emerges about the benefits of a plant-based diet, more folks who care about the environment, animal welfare, and their health are choosing to drink plant-based milks.” says Lonnie Williard. “So, whether they already follow a plant-based diet or are looking to supplement dairy for a more sustainable and flavorful alternative, we know that everyone will love Better Than Milk!

Media Contact:
Hayden Hammerling

SOURCE Better Than Milk