Frazy Launches the World’s First Virtual Cafe, Boba Shop & Bar

Your made-to-order boba, coffee, tea and mocktails, shipped to your door, nationwide. Enjoy your ready-to-drink customized drinks at home, anytime.

SAN JOSE, Calif., July 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Frazy, a technology startup based in San Jose, California, is revolutionizing the ready-to-drink market with their virtual beverage store that ships customized drinks to customers’ door. Customers can order their favorite boba, coffee, tea and mocktails online, customize them to their taste and get them shipped to their door. With Frazy’s proprietary freezing process, the drinks come to customers in frozen cups so the quality and freshness are retained. Simply thaw the drinks and enjoy them at home, anytime!

"To enjoy drinks at home easily, we either compromise on the quality and choose cheaper products like coffee pods, or settle with bottled beverages that aren’t customized to our taste. It’s nearly impossible to make drinks like Boba and Mocktails at home. To enjoy quality drinks that are customized to our taste – like Red Velvet Mocha with Almond Milk and extra sugar or Mango milk boba tea with Tapioca pearls – the only option is to go and wait in line at the cafes/boba shops and some of us may not even have those options nearby.", says Jeff Schopper, Head of Operations. "Frazy solves this, with its innovative fulfillment process, by bringing the actual cafes, boba shops and bars right inside your freezer."

How does it work? Customers simply choose their favorite boba, coffee, tea or mocktails from 100s of flavors on Frazy’s website, customize them to their taste and get them shipped to their door. The drinks will then be made by real cafes, boba shops and bartenders just the way customers like them. Frazy will convert them into frozen cups, print customer’s name on the cups and ship them to their door. All that needs to be done is to just thaw or microwave the frozen cups and enjoy the favorite customized drinks anytime. Nothing else to add, no mess making them on your own, and no hassle driving to the shops. Convenience at its finest! Frazy is the modern way to drink favorite beverages.

"Frazy is the first to create a platform for talented baristas or bartenders to sell their drinks to anyone in the country. As a consumer, you get the largest menu of drink options, as we aggregate the variety of beverages offered by local cafes, boba shops and beverage artists.", says Lina Gantar, Head of Marketing. "Frazy’s vision is to connect beverage artists with customers in an interactive social platform. We are building our own Metaverse called FrazyWorld where you will be able to enjoy a cafe-like and bar-like social experience virtually while enjoying your real drinks – all from the comfort of your home. With FrazyWorld any beverage artist can open a virtual shop with a click of a button thereby creating more cafes, boba shops and bars for customers. We’ll be launching FrazyWorld later this year."

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Lina Gantar

SOURCE Frazy Inc.