Former BofA COO Brings Long-Lasting Energy to Those At Their Busiest With Company JoyShot

NEW YORK, June 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — JoyShot Inc., a category-defining functional beverage company, launched today with the online release of its first all-day energy shots. Setting out to boost those at their busiest, JoyShot aims to deliver big energy in small, all-natural packages–offering ready-to-drink, two-ounce beverage shots containing powerful vitamins and adaptogenic extracts that provide long-lasting energy to those on the go.

“There’s an increasing demand for sustainable energy in our day to day, but current products just aren’t cutting it. Artificial ingredients flood today’s energy drinks and put our health at risk, while inconvenient form factors make it difficult to get and maintain the energy we so desperately need,” says founder Lila Joy Baumgardner. “At JoyShot, we believe that all-day energy can be obtained naturally–and easily, and have built an option for those that want to skip the jitters, burnout, and health concessions.”

JoyShot was founded by Baumgardner to combat the burnout many modern Americans face. After experiencing stress and fatigue first hand as a COO on the trading floor at Bank of America, Baumgardner began a hunt for an alternative energy solution that also could improve her overall well-being. After extensive research, she discovered a custom mix of vitamins and adaptogens that together boosted her mood while giving her all-day energy. Still, like many people, Baumgardner found a daily handful of supplements hard to swallow. That’s when she saw an opportunity to create a functional, shelf-stable shot that makes getting energy easy for those on the move.

“Like many, I lived with day-in-and-day-out stress, and my well-being suffered. It was when I had a health scare that I traded in my job and hourly coffee break to find something more natural to retake my wellness and revitalize my energy,” recalls Baumgardner, “Discovering the benefits of adaptogens coupled with a real understanding of the demands of modern life led to the creation of JoyShot, which brings conveniently-packaged, sustainable energy shots to those who can’t afford to slow down.”

Carefully crafted, JoyShot’s proprietary blend is precisely dosed for maximum efficacy with vitamins, adaptogenic extracts, and the equivalent caffeine of a cup of coffee in just two ounces. The plant-based formulation contains no added sugar, preservatives, gluten, or allergens and promises long-lasting energy without the jitters. Sold singly or via subscription and shipped in six packs of 2oz. shots for those on the go or two packs of 16oz., multi-serve bottles perfect for the home, JoyShot proves an economical choice. 

“JoyShot is a no-brainer; it disrupts the harsh and unhealthy scope of the current product offering and is positioned to stay relevant to consumers,” says Jeffrey Einsidler, regional sales head at Casamigos and JoyShot investor and advisor. “Having tried the product and known Lila for several years, I don’t doubt the company will expand the billion-dollar energy shot market.”

JoyShot’s energy shots are available for purchase on and come in two distinct flavors–a smooth Cocoa Vanilla and a refreshing Mango Yuzu, with the company planning for product expansion.

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JoyShot was started when founder Lila Joy Baumgardner sought out a natural energy solution to fight burnout and heal from years of stress. After discovering the power of naturally-derived energy, she created JoyShot, a functional beverage company bringing powerful energy complexes and convenience to those at their busiest. JoyShot’s ready-to-drink, all-natural energy shots feature vitamins and adaptogenic extracts and provide sustained, all-day energy for those on the go.

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Lila Joy Baumgardner, Founder and CEO

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